What to Keep in Mind When Voting

Besides the physical requirements necessary for your ballot to count, it's important to consider who you’re voting for and why you’re voting for them. Think about how you want your future to look for yourself and possibly your kids. Which candidate will you be proud to say you voted for? Here are some topics to keep in mind when voting…


1. Climate Change - Research each candidate and their plan/view on climate change for the future. Do you believe in climate change? Do you believe the United States is taking the correct measures to prepare us for our possible future? Do you think the problem of climate change is not being addressed properly? You may not align exactly, so pick the plan you like best.


2. Health Care - What are your views on health care? Do you believe in universal health care if that involves raising taxes for some people? In each debate the candidates have discussed their views on health care and what they will do if they are president. Although you may have health care provided by your parents or your job, think about the people who are not as lucky. Put yourself in their shoes, who would you want to vote for if you were them? How would you feel having to worry about your health care from the government? Do you feel pre-existing conditions should be covered, instead of leaving families in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt?


3. The Pandemic - How do you feel our current president has handled the pandemic? Successfully? Which candidate is socially distancing and wearing a mask? Which candidate is not holding massive rallies and telling his supporters to “Not let COVID control your life” when over 210,000 people have passed. Which candidate wants to end this pandemic? How would you feel if you had to live paycheck to paycheck while supporting a family during the pandemic? 


4. How do you feel about systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement? During the debate, Joe Biden said that he is looking to change federal laws of chokeholds and he is looking to end systemic racism in this country. Mike pence believed that Justice was served for Breonna Taylor. Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacy. Which side do you agree with?  


When voting, it is important to think about others besides yourself “Do you feel the candidate you are supporting cares about the American people?” Do they want to help all minorities and marginalized groups, or do they only seem to care about the rich? How would you feel if you were gay? How would you feel if you were black? How would you feel if you were an undocumented immigrant? How do you feel about abortion? It should not have to happen to you for it to matter to you.


Do you like the world we are living in currently? Do you want things to stay the same or are you looking for a change? Whatever your opinion is on these issues, the two candidates seem to have opposing views on each topic. Besides watching the presidential debates and seeing what each candidate says, do your research and find out what each candidate has actually done about said issues.