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What I Wish I Knew My Freshman Year

It feels like just yesterday I was a nervous freshman starting my first year of college, and here I am now, a senior wondering where the time went. These are the top 20 things I wish I knew before starting college.

  1. Take easy electives to boost your GPA.
  2. Communication is everything when you have a roommate, be considerate.
  3. Put your mental and physical health first, take time to do things for yourself.
  4. These are your years it’s ok to be selfish, focus on yourself and you only.
  5. Ditch your boyfriend or girlfriend from high school (I promise there are other people in the world for you).
  6. It’s okay to skip class… sometimes.
  7. The frat boy or the boy on the football team probably doesn’t care about you, Sorry sister!
  8. Keep in touch with your friends back home.
  9. No matter how homesick or frustrated you are while living away at school, DON’T GO HOME!! Staying at school when I wanted to live at home was the best decision I could have made. It gets better.
  10. Get enough sleep! Although staying up late with your friends every night may sound fun, you will regret it the next day and be less productive.
  11. Talk to your professors and make connections.
  12. Get an internship early.
  13. Get INVOLVED. Something I regret is not building my resume sooner.
  14. Budget your money because it will run out very quickly.
  15. Don’t eat out too much. The calorie and the dollars will add up.
  16. Talk to EVERYONE! Your hallmates, classmates, RA’s, etc.
  17. Don’t drink the jungle juice.
  18. Priorities your friends before your love life.
  19. Don’t procrastinate. It feels so much better knowing you have everything done and can go out and enjoy yourself.
  20. Be serious about your studies but have fun!
Kelani Anastasi

Montclair '20

Hi everyone! My name is Kelani and I am a Senior at Montclair State University. I am a Television & Digital Media Major with a concentration in TV Production. I have big dreams to be successful but for right now I am making YouTube videos about all things fashion, beauty, and living a healthy lifestyle.
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