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Want to Stay Inside This Holiday Season? Here are some Holiday Activities You Can Do While Staying Home!

Cozy at home and don’t want to leave? Not many things to do since COVID-19? Too lazy to leave your house but still want to get into the holiday spirit? I got you covered sis with some at home holiday activities you can partake in this holiday season! 


Make your home/room festive 

The #1 way to get yourself into the holiday spirit is to make your space festive and full of holiday cheer! If you don’t want to find yourself stuck on those long lines at local craft stores, you can simply order it for it to be shipped right to your door. You can even DIY some Christmas decorations if you are feeling creative! 


Holiday Drinks

This holiday season you may be finding yourself stuck on those long Starbucks lines. However this season, thanks to me, I have just provided you with some DIY at-home Starbucks holiday drinks recipes! No more spending money that you don’t have and time that is not worth wasting over the long Starbucks lines! DIY Holiday Starbucks Drinks


Christmas Movies

If you don't binge-watch Christmas movies during the holiday season, ask yourself are you using time wisely? Wouldn't you rather be cozied up with some hot cocoa watching some classic Christmas movies to get in the holiday spirit? This season there are so many holiday movies to pick from on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. If you didn't know, Freeform provides their viewers with 25 days of Christmas, so start binging! 


Christmas Baking

If you are someone with a sweet tooth and love to bake, this activity is for you! There are millions of different, cute, delicious holiday dessert recipes you can find online! It can not only put you into the holiday spirit but it will also satisfy your sweet tooth! Here is a link I found with very festive, delicious recipes you can try out! Best Holiday Baking Recipes 


Even though there might not be much to do outside this holiday season, you can always make the best out of it while staying at home! You can invite a couple or your friends, your significant other even to make it even more special and fun! Don’t let this pandemic bring you down during the most wonderful time of the year! Have an amazing and healthy holiday season! Xoxo- Kyra

Kyra Reyes

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Kyra Reyes is a senior at Montclair State University, she is majoring in Communication & Media Arts with a minor in Business Administration. She is currently an Events Director at Her Campus Montclair. Kyra is passionate in writing and with her articles she hopes to share a little bit of her knowledge. Because she is so dedicated to social media you can trust her to keep you in the loop with the new fashion trends and go-to styles in every editorial. Her interests includes social media, event planning, and spreading a little love around Her Campus. In her free time you can find her testing out new makeup trends, latest hot foodie spots, and talking to her boo.
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