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Vibe With Our Tribe: Danielle Pransky (A Partially Obsessive Tribute to Mumford & Sons)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Music is a huge part of me. Dramatically, I could say that it’s my entire being. No, I wouldn’t classify myself as a musician in anyway, even though I used to sing and teetered between some years of guitar lessons that have only left me with the intro to Dueling Banjos and four chords to a Green Day song. But just because I’m not in a head-banging rock band doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate music, because truthfully I consider music to be an art form that has fulfilled my soul more boldly and frequently then any other form of collective and public expression (besides film). Music brightens my days and cushions the rough ones. Concerts are my ideal destination and I’ve spent more money on records, CDs, and MP3s then I even want to know in total. I just find a higher level of satisfaction in physically holding and collecting something that I cherish or am intrigued by. This goes for books as well. Anyway, so you get it. I love music, maybe even obsessed. But really, music is the most necessary obsession to have, am I right? 

With the semester coming to an end, and the summer approaching, I’ve been in the process of exploring and expanding my music library. I’ plan on starting this article with a huge spiel about Mumford & Sons and then less drastically list off some other tunes I’ve really been digging lately:


Mumford & Sons – Broken Crown

Let me just start by saying, my diagram of musical obsession begins with Mumford & Sons. I first heard them back in 2010, around when Little Lion Man became mainstream after they released their first album, Sigh No More in 2009. My fascination began in 2012 after they released their second album, Babel and my obsession really hit its peak this past summer when they transitioned to more rock then folk in their third album, Wilder Mind. My collection of all CDs and 2 vinyl records completed when I came across the Wilder Mind CD in Target the day after it was released and I don’t remember listening to any other music the entire summer. I just kept in in my car and let it run over and over.

Anyway, my dreams were fulfilled this past week when I saw them in concert in Charlotte, NC. To say the least, it was MAGICAL. Hearing/seeing Mumford & Sons play in the flesh isn’t’ even comparable to anything because it is simply amazing. Their lyrics are poetry and music is legendary. Though they did play all of their more popular songs, one that I didn’t appreciate as much before I heard it live was Broken Crown, and it was breathtaking. It’s extremely hard for me to only link one song of theirs in this article because I honestly love them all but since I heard Broken Crown live, I have listened to it an uncountable number of times a day. Though the instrumental folk magic is probably more moving live, I think the digital version can be just as brilliant. Take a listen:

And because I can’t help myself. To show off their newer sound, here’s Ditmas from Wilder Mind:

HAIM – Falling

I actually discovered HAIM after recently watching a Mumford & Sons concert film, Road to Red Rocks. They were featured as an opening band for one of their stopover concerts in California back in 2012. In the film, they hugged, danced and drummed with Mumford on stage and I just thought they were the coolest luckiest girls in the world. So I looked them up and became instantly captivated by their style and tune. They have this kind of hip, rustic, retro vibe and their sound is really authentic. From their album Days Are Gone, you may be familiar with their more popular song, The Wire… but here’s one of my favorites, Falling:

Trouble – Cage the Elephant 

Moving on from the Mumford & Sons obsession… I first saw Cage the Elephant live back in 2011 at the Next Big Thing music festival in Tampa, FL. Shake Me Down and Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked played on repeat my entire high school career and I was so excited to hear their new album, Tell Me I’m Pretty and I’m so pleased with it. I feel like they really found a good groove in this album and came out with something a little different but also didn’t sway to far away from their original sound.

Kings of Leon – Wait For Me

I was only really familiar with Kings of Leon through a few songs on their older albums, Only By The Night and Come Around the Sun. Generically, I didn’t really span far from Sex on Fire for a while. I wish I would have explored the band sooner but all is good now as I recently came across their newest album from 2013, Mechanical Bull on vinyl and purchased it. I probably flipped this record front and back for a few hours, it’s REALLY good. Even though they haven’t dropped an album since 2013, I read that they’re developing some new material to be released this year so I’ll be sure to stay tuned. 

The Lumineers – Angela

If you haven’t listened to Cleopatra, the new Lumineers album, yet… JUST DO IT. Sadly, their concert tickets sold out before I could make a purchase so I’ll just be basting the entire album and imaging I’m there but really this album is gold. Like Mumford & Sons (hehe) this is a band that I can play every song on every album straight through and not have any desire to skip one. That, my friends, is when you know you really like a band. If you’ve listen to the album, you’re probably familiar with Ophelia so here’s Angela:

Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks

My dad heard this song in a restaurant bathroom in North Carolina and “shazaamed it”, then came running out of the bathroom to show me the entire album that he had already purchased before he even made it back to the table. I asked him to send a screen shot of their album to me and I’d “listen to it later”. I actually did, and it’s actually pretty good. Young Folks and Up Against the Wall are ones I’ve been playing often.

The Strumbellas – Spirits 

This song came on my Pandora so many times. I’d always be in the midst of doing something as it played in the background and I never bothered to look at what it was called. Finally it grew on me so much that I really started to like it. I find it catchy:

BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools

In search of songs for my summer playlist, I came across this gem. I thought I had discovered something so new and unheard that was then proven to be untrue as I shortly found it on iTunes top charts. Either way, I still love it and it really puts me in a good vibe. Enjoy:

Danielle has held various positions at Her Campus Montclair. Starting as a Contributing Writer during her sophomore year at MSU in 2015, she later became President & Editor-in-Chief during her senior year in 2017. She completed her B.A. in Communication & Media Arts with a minor in Leadership Development at Montclair State University in January 2018. Besides writing, she's a lover of cozy cafés, good lyrics, inspiring speeches, mountainous retreats, and sunsets on the skyline. She enjoys capturing the moment and has a passion for travel and discovery. You can often find her exploring NYC or venturing to one of her favorite East Coast spots.