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Vibe With Our Tribe: Allyssa Jade Acevedo

September is upon us and just like that, we kiss summer vacation goodbye and it’s back to the school grind. Whether you’re dorming or commuting this semester, the perfect fall playlist is essential to get you through the commute, those strenuous study sessions, those long walks to class and the hours and hours of homework coming your way. My fall favorites are not necessarily new tracks, but they are sure to inspire, calm, and lift your dreary spirits up off the floor because let's face it, we college kids know that mood all too well. After all, what better way to cheer yourself up than with a bomb playlist blasting through your headphones as you stroll across campus, pumpkin spice latte in hand and leaves falling all around??


I Need A Forest Fire - James Blake

I actually just found this song not too long ago while shopping in NYC and I cannot stop listening to it. I was in Urban Outfitters when it came on and I was immediately obsessed. I frantically ripped my phone out from my pocket, opened my SoundHound app, and after listening for a good 10 seconds up popped James Blake’s album cover. I enjoy this song so much because it features Bon Iver, my absolute favorite artist. From the second this song comes on it catches your attention with its airy, wind chime-sounding intro and once the beat hits and he starts singing it just touches my soul. It is a MUST listen!


Baby’s Arms - Kurt Vile

This song is a drive with the windows down on a crisp autumn night as the sun sets in an orange sky behind a silhouette of trees lining the highway. It's the chilled air flowing through your hair and all around you. You throw your arm out the window and spread your fingers wide as the wind flows violently through the armhole of your hoodie. You close your eyes and breathe it all in, and in that moment you truly feel alive. This song gives such a beautiful and calming vibe and personally, it inspires me.

Intro - The xx

If you don’t feel compelled to get up, let your hair down and dance around your room like a hippie to this song, there's probably something wrong with you. Though there are no lyrics, it is SUCH a jam. This was the very first song from The xx that I ever heard and I definitely did my research and listened to everything else afterwards. They have a very ethereal and lovely sound that just takes you into a state of zen. Other amazing songs of theirs are Islands, Heart Skipped A Beat and Sunset, but this is my personal favorite.

Coffee - Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso isn’t very well-known but she is most definitely underrated. All of her tunes are quirky, fun and oddly satisfying to listen to because of all of the interesting sounds, beats and, of course, her lyrics. This has the perfect beat to walk to or if you prefer to chill out while listening, it has the perfect beat to tap your foot to while sitting in a coffee shop drinking your vanilla latte in your warm, knit sweater.


Holocene - Bon Iver

I decided to end my list with Bon Iver because I am mildly obsessed with him and I will have the most to say about his music. But first, Holocene. This definitely isn’t my favorite song of his, but it is still amazing and it is the best fitting for a fall playlist, in my opinion. His voice is light, airy, heavenly and everything you will ever need in your life, which is true for all of his songs. Holocene is soothing and perfect for a rainy autumn day where you’re curled up in bed with a good book, room lit by string lights and the flickering of candles. His albums For Emma, Forever Ago and Bon Iver are both beautiful and artistic in their entirety. There is not one song that this man has made that I do not love. His music does not just appeal to me sonically, but it actually makes me think. Every odd and unique sound has a purpose, as does every word, and that is not something that can be said about every musician’s work these days. Listen and hear it for yourself.

Allyssa is an English major at Montclair State University. In her spare time she enjoys writing and reading poetry, exploring New York City, strolling through art museums, and driving with the windows down, jamming to The 1975.  
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