An Unconventional College Journey: How I Found My Passion By Taking Risks

When most people think of the ideal college experience, they probably would think that it goes something like this: You pick a major that you love, make tons of friends, graduate in four years with a bunch of connections and get an amazing job post-grad. That sounds great, doesn’t it? But what if it doesn’t run so smoothly? For me, it didn’t, and yet somehow I am okay with that because where I am now is exactly where I need to be. 

As an incoming freshman, I was undeclared. I had planned to major in Musical Theatre and I had auditioned into a few schools in NJ, NYC, and Pennsylvania, but ultimately ended up at MSU. I was AMAZED by the talent and the Musical Theatre program and extremely determined to get in. 

A year later, I wasn’t.

My heart just wasn’t in it anymore and I had simultaneously fallen in love with the fashion industry. The following year I had finally declared my major! I was a Fashion Studies major and a Journalism minor. About a year and a half later, another roadblock - I unfortunately found that my new major wasn’t for me either. Now I’m sure it’s not difficult to imagine the stress and anxiety I was feeling at that time.  

What would I do now? Why was everything I chose failing and what would I do next? 

I had to think long and hard about what I was good at and what would be the smartest choice for me. Of course, I had considered sticking it out as a Fashion major, even if I did hate it, because the degree was the main goal anyway, right? But in the end, I chose my own happiness over being miserable and sticking to a major that I disliked. 

After three and a half years of being a college student, I’ve only just found my place, this semester, as an English major. Now, I can finally be at ease and love to learn without anxiety in the pit of my stomach.  

The point of my story is that had I not taken risks and followed through with every passion of mine, I would not be where I am today. I am SO happy with where I am, and yes, it may have taken me a long time to get here, and sure I could have saved money and time had I known right away, but I didn’t. This is how it is, and I am proud of who I am. 

I have learned so much along the way about myself and my abilities and through this journey I have been able to see clearly what wonderful things I am able to do if I follow my heart. Exploring your interests and options is so important in life because it saves you the trouble of sitting at your desk at your adult job 30 years from now and wondering, “What if?” What if I had followed my heart? What if I majored in something I truly loved instead of this boring thing? 

Take risks and follow your heart, no matter how long it takes to reach the end goal.

A wise woman once told me that when you’re doing what you love, there’s no such thing as time. And I couldn’t agree more.   

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