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The Ultimate October Checklist to Keep Halloween Alive This COVID Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

I think for the past three years, I have not truly celebrated one of the greatest holidays of the year, Halloween! GASP! I know, I am ashamed… I used to be that kid in high school who would go all out, put on some face paint, dress up and just embrace the spooky spirit! For the past three years, school and work have kept me so busy I barely knew what month it was! I told myself last year that I was going to go all out this year and make it the best Halloween. Little did I, and many other people, know that we would be going through a global pandemic, that would still be happening through HALLOWEEN!!! So things are looking a bit different this year, and unfortunately, I will not be going to any parties or festivities with lots of people, but I did come up with a checklist to get into the spooky spirit to make this Halloween one for the books (safely). 


  • 1) Autumn in a Cup

The easiest way to get into the spirit is to switch up your favorite beverage, for something of a fall flavor. If you aren’t already aware, pumpkin spice drinks have been back for a while now… Maybe even since the end of August! Now is the perfect time to try a fall drink from one of your favorite spots. Full disclaimer, I am not a coffee drinker – so I will opt for an apple cider because it’s the best! 

  • 2) Fall Foods

The easiest way to my heart is food. Maybe you as well? Here are some yummy fall foods that you may or may not be so inclined to try!

  • Apple Cider or Pumpkin Donuts (best from a local farm, but still pretty yummy from your fave coffee house)
  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Pumpkin Ravioli
  • Apple or Pumpkin Pie
  • Candy Apple
  • Butternut squash soup
  • Your favorite Halloween Candy (I personally go for a Reeces, Kit Kat, Snickers or Sour Patch – but do you sister!)
  • 3) Break Out the Nail Polish

Whether you paint your nails or you get them done, this Halloween season you need to have some cute nails. If you aren’t into nail art, a great option can be just painting your nails a pumpkin orange, any shade of brown, a forest green, gray or even a glow in the dark moment (throwing it back to the elementary school days! )  But if you love an extra nail paint job, I recommend (the obvious) Jack O’lantern, ghost, witch, spider web or Nightmare Before Christmas nails. More subtle designs could be a sunflower, plaid, maple leaves, tortoise or slime.

  • 4) Pumpkin Picking

This used to be a family tradition of mine where the whole family would get together and go on a spooky hayride to get some pumpkins. This year it might be a bit different wearing your mask, but it will still be fun, just make sure to be socially distant while you are there. Maybe even find or make yourself a Halloween themed mask to wear! (Also get those pics for the gram, gal!)

  • 5) Pumpkin Wars (at home)

Since you have gone to the pumpkin patch, might as well make some good use of those pumpkins and why not throw in a little friendly competition to see who can carve the best pumpkin! Big bonus, after you carve your pumpkin, you can toast up the pumpkin seeds with a savory or sweet flavor for a little snack!

  • 6) Halloween Home

Adding little touches of Halloween to your day to day can also help keep you in the spirit. If some of you have an iPhone, I bet you already know about the new update where you can customize your home screen. Maybe if you are feeling a bit extra you can customize your home screen to a Halloween theme! Or if you just changed it and are too lazy to do it all over again, try out a Halloween-themed popsocket, cardholder or even phone case. If you want to be a bit more festive, decorate your house! Doesn’t have to be crazy, stop by Home Goods to see what they have. If that’s not in your budget, you can even print out some coloring pages online and hang them up. 


Okay, this is MY JAM!! For the month of October, my free time will consist of watching nostalgic Halloween movies. THAT’S ALL! THIS is the ultimate way, I feel, to get pumped for Halloween. I listed a couple below, but also there are definitely more that you can reference here!

  • Hocus Pocus (if this isn’t your #1, I’m sorry, you are wrong)
  • Halloween Town (all FOUR of them!)
  • The Haunted Mansion (Eddie Murphy is just hilarious) 
  • Scary Godmother (You can judge me for this one, but I still love it LOL)
  • Mostly Ghostly (I think I still have a crush on Luke Benward hehe)
  • Under Wraps (I forgot about this one, and I’m so glad I remembered!)
Kelsey is a senior at Montclair State University. She is majoring in Fashion Studies and minoring in both fashion design and business. She hopes this will help her boss babe dreams come true of one day owning her own swimwear brand. She loves talking all things sustainability, art, fashion and FOOD. Her go-to food is hands down pizza - it is one of the most versatile foods, duh!
Lauren Clemente recent graduate from Montclair State University who studied Communication and Media Arts. She held the role of President and Co-Campus Correspondent, as well as Editor-in-Chief at Her Campus Montclair. She loves all things to do with content creation, fashion + beauty and traveling the world.