The Ultimate Guide To Your Spring 2021 Wardrobe

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been paying more attention to fashion this year than ever before. With all these trends throwing my closet a curveball, I’ve been on the hunt for this year’s spring style. With milder weather, greener grass and blue skies, it's time to freshen up your closet and prepare ourselves with jaw-dropping pieces that are part of the hottest trends this season. This spring, it's all about chunky jewelry, light-wash denim, shades of green, crisp whites and eclectic pairings. 

I’m giving you a breakdown of styles that are having a major moment in fashion. This guide is the ultimate resource on what to buy, where to buy and how to pair. Get in the mood for happy hues because spring has sprung!


  1. 1. Chunky Jewelry

    gold jewlery on marble table

    Gold, gold and gold. Chunky gold jewelry will sure make a statement with any outfit you wear. It has become one of the easiest ways to elevate any look including your sweatsuit or even your blazers. This spring, the most popular styles of gold jewelry range from these designs: chain link, Cuban link, herringbone and thick hoops of all sizes. Layering and mixing these designs will give you the trendiest arm candy. Yes, accessories can be expensive. However, searching for good deals is my specialty. These gold beaded and chain link bracelets seen above, are one the best amazon finds I have come across. I wear them almost daily and they have yet to tarnish. Don’t be afraid to mix your gold pieces with silver and rose gold tones. 


  2. 2. Denim

    Denim jeans on top of one another

    There's no shame in wearing denim on denim. Go and have your Brittany and Justin moment this spring. Light blue wash, stark white, bone white and a little distressing is what we're looking for this season. Keep an eye out for a few style cuts like straight leg, crop, boyfriend or girlfriend, (yes, there's a difference). You can never go wrong with a pair of distressed denim and a plain white tee for your spring festivities. If you're bold enough, a denim button-down or jacket matched with a pair of jeans in slightly different washes can work. Fashion is supposed to be fun, play around with different denim looks!

  3. 3.   Edgy Greens

    We’re talking fifty shades of green this spring. This color is everywhere, and in every shade. Hunter, sage, pistachio, mint, lime, emerald- should I go on? The point is, any green will work. One of my favorite looks by fashion designer, Danielle Bernstein, @weworewhat rocks this 2 piece knit set in the color sage with an edgy vibe. Blazers and dresses in an emerald green have been catching my eye. Pair any shade of green with leather leggings or denim jeans to make a statement.

  4. 4. Crisp Whites and Linens

    Linen button down with flowers

    A wardrobe staple for the spring and summer seasons are light shaded button-downs that many of us love to wear open or buttoned and sized up. Oversized anything has become my favorite trend as it's so easy to throw on but also hides anything you don’t want to exaggerate. For the early spring, throw on a white oversized button-down with a pair of leather leggings. I love this combination of mixed fabrics in the in-between stages of transitioning seasons. Don’t like the oversized and baggy look? Tuck in your button-down into jeans or belted trousers for a sophisticated outfit. Another plus when it comes to white button-downs and linens is that you can convert them into beach coverups over your bikini or one-piece.

  5. 5. Bright Blazers

    Women in pink blazer sitting on stool

    For the working girl returning to in-person office life, blazers are your friend this season. If you're daring, brighten up with white or pastel-colored matching suit sets for your professional attire. Still on zoom? Throwing on a bright-colored blazer will give you an effortless, polished look for your video calls. Instagram influencers have been rocking blazers for some time now and pairing the closet staple with bottoms ranging from denim jeans to sweatpants. For me, I find that the easiest place to find blazers is at Zara, with plenty of price ranges to work with. Women’s suit sets have been on the rise in fashion, especially in bold hues. More color, the better this spring.

  6. 6. Trench Coats

    stylish woman on sandy beach

    Trench coats are having a moment this season. In the early days of spring, the weather is flip-flopping between warmer and chillier days. A trench coat in your wardrobe makes for an easy third piece over your tank or short sleeve tee for a bit of warmth. Pick one out that’s a neutral shade for easier pairings to your outfits.

  7. 7. Micro Purses

    We’ve been seeing this trend of micro purses since the fall season. Popular designer, Jacquemas, has been killing the game with this trend, coming out with multiple styles of mini bags with several pastels and neutral colors we spot on influencers. Not only does a pop of color transform any classic look to a more trend forward one, be open summer-inspired straw bags for late spring.

  8. 8. White Sneakers

    White sneakers with nike check mark

    Who doesn’t have a pair of plain ol’ white chucks? This all-year-round closet staple can be thrown on with any outfit of your choice, casual or dressy. The easiest outfit this spring calls for a mini dress paired with sneakers. I emphasize the need for white sneakers specifically because of their neutrality. For cropped pants, I recommend pairing a high-top sneaker. I love the pair pictured above because of its simplicity but pop of design. 

This completes the ultimate guide to spring 2021 wardrobe styles. Fashion is a way to express yourself. Be eclectic, radiant and daring with your clothing choices. Look out for more fashion trends to come, as it's only a few days into spring.