The Two Must-Have Apps to Edit Your Instagram Pics Like a Pro

When you think about all the apps that have come and gone over the years (R.I.P Vine) Instagram stands out as one of the greatest of all-time. I use it for outfit inspiration, home decor ideas, finding places around the world I’d like to visit, and to connect with people all around the world who share my interests. I also use it to share my own take on life, and I do that through carefully planned photos taken and arranged in my own aesthetically pleasing way. Those words probably stress people out just reading them, but I am here to show you that it is much easier than you think.

Having an Instagram feed as put together as your favorite bloggers' can be achieved in no time with the use of these must-have apps!


I use VSCO to take all of my photos. I personally prefer the quality as opposed to the camera on my phone, and it makes it easier to edit them immediately without having to import them from my phone’s camera roll. VSCO has a bunch of filters you can download and they come in packages. Some of them are free, and others you have to pay for. I personally use the A6 filter for all of my photos, but depending on the color scheme and lighting you are going for throughout (and it is best to keep it cohesive and simple) other filters may better fit your look. You can also crop and sharpen right on this app.


Facetune might just be the most convenient app ever. While it's not free, it is SO worth the $5.99. Once I have filtered, adjusted the lighting and sharpened my VSCO photo, my next step is to import it to Facetune. With this app, I detail my photo which increases the quality ten-fold. I make sure not to go too crazy, though, as the editing will then look obvious and unnatural. You can also smooth any imperfections in your clothes, surroundings, or your skin if necessary. You can whiten teeth, reshape things in your photo, fix red eyes, and much more. This app can drastically improve ANY photo.

Once you start using these apps and keep to a regular editing routine, you will be creating that coveted beautiful feed that you've admired from others in no time!

Happy editing, collegiettes! 

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