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Turning a Coffee Addict Into a Tea Fanatic

My name is Ana and I have an addiction. Admitting it is the first step, right? I’ve been an avid coffee drinker since before middle school, for which I blame my Caribbean upbringing. Though I wouldn’t really say I’m addicted to coffee, my day isn’t as bright without at least two cups throughout the day. Recently, though, I’ve become more conscious of my nutrition and the effects food can have on my body. Coffee doesn’t have the best rep and there are so many studies that attest to that but I never hear anything bad about tea. Tea is always presented to be a miracle drink that can help with any ailment and contribute awesome health benefits. 


I decided to go on a two-week journey replacing my coffee habits with tea and this is what happened.


I was able to customize each drink to supplement my health


One thing I really enjoyed about this week is how I could use tea to supplement my health according to what I was feeling at the moment. As the month goes on and the mornings grow colder, I’ve been waking up with sore throats and the sniffles. To combat this and not spend the entire morning wishing I had stayed in bed, I make lemon ginger tea drizzled with honey. Not only does it warm me up but this drink truly revitalizes my senses. Another instance I used specific teas for was when I felt stressed. Midterms are no joke and I’ve definitely felt the weight of the semester this week as I entered the midway point. Though I’ve heard camomile is really great for relaxing, it has a really fatiguing effect on me and I can’t afford to fall asleep in the middle of writing a paper. Peppermint tea has extremely great calming effects and kept me alert through all my schoolwork. 


Don’t need any fancy equipment to make a good cup of tea


When I brew coffee at home, I use a specific Moka pot and am quite picky when it comes to measurements when preparing it. But for tea, literally, all you need is boiling water and a tea bag and it comes out great every time. There was a minuscule margin for error when I woke up late and had to be out of the house in 5 minutes.  I’m sure there are great pots and contraptions out there for making the perfect cup of tea, but I’m just not that much of a tea snob, at least not yet. 


An amazing variety that doesn’t break the bank


Though I already had a few camomile, orange and spice, and lemon tea boxes at home, I was able to get really creative with fruits, spices, and herbs I had at home and in our garden. Having fresh ginger on hand, I made lots of ginger tea and added ginger pieces to seep with tea bags. This creative freedom also allowed for some bonding moments with my mom. She loves using tea for its medicinal purposes and pairs of different foods together like onions and apples to treat flu symptoms. 


Overall, this was a pretty positive experience. I did miss coffee at some points but most of the time, I was too busy healing myself to notice. Though I don’t think I’ll give up coffee completely, I’m excited to incorporate tea into my daily routine. 

Ana Hilario

Montclair '21

Ana graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in English. She loves reading, traveling, coffee, llamas, and the Oxford comma. Follow her on Instagram @ana_hilarious_ for good vibes and funky outfits.
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