Is Tinder Developing into an Actual Dating Site?

Since the release of the phone application Tinder in the year 2012 it has been mainly thought of as a hookup app. However, recently the app seems to have evolved into an actual dating site. 


You’d actually be surprised how many people use the app and just don’t like saying that they are on it. However, with the way tinder is morphing there shouldn’t be any shame in saying you’re on it; I mean there shouldn’t be shame with being on it as is. Who cares how you meet people, as long as you’re being safe. 


Delving into the new features that show how this app is transforming into a proper dating site members can now be verified. Not like when someone is verified on Tiktok or Instagram, this feature prevents catfishing. So when you see a little blue check next to a tinder profile it is telling you the person is the picture is who you are talking to. 


A new feature many dating platforms have added because of the COVID-19 is video chatting; this is a feature that Tinder has added as well. Once you message back and forth with someone for a little bit it will ask you if you are interested in video chatting. If you both selected yes, you unlock the feature for that person. 


Tinder has also added something known as “passions” which is not as dirty as it sounds. When updating your profile along with pictures, age, job title, and biography you can now pick things you’re passionate about. The list of items to pick from include things such as baking, coffee, Disney, art, football, etc. So now while you’re swiping through if someone shares one of your passions it will be highlighted. 


Beyond just new features, users seem to be interested in more than just hookups. Relationship interest has grown from users over the past year; this could, somehow, be related to no one being able to see each other because of COVID. But let’s not question the reasoning behind it. 


So if you were wondering if Tinder is worth it, I think we have finally reached a point where you can find something more on the fiery app.