Three Empowering Shows That I Binge-Watched This Summer

These shows were one of the very few things that kept me sane this summer.

I would say that probably 95% of my summer was spent at work. Although I was very happy making that bank, I barely traveled (I didn’t even go to the gross NJ seaside beach… that’s how bad it was.) But hey, I found entertainment in my very own living room. 

Since I would rarely have time to watch live TV, I surfed through Apple TV in hopes I’d find something to watch in my spare time. I began to binge-watch The Bold Type, Grownish and Good Trouble. I was so on and off while watching these shows but finally decided to commit since my summer was filled with nothing else. After getting to know all of these inspiring, badass female characters, I’m lowkey happy I stayed under a rock this summer.

  1. 1. The Bold Type

    The three leading ladies of this 2017 comedy series are living their best (but secretly messy) lives in the big apple. Working as a fashion assistant, social media director or writer for one of the top magazines in the world may seem fabulous. In reality, Sutton, Kat and Jane find themselves in trouble between sexist men, sexuality struggles, dating in the city and juggling work with their personal lives. Each of these women connects with similar interests of mine such as fashion, social media and writing (of course.) Although it’s all fiction, it’s super entertaining to see what is going on behind the scenes; such as the lengths that each of them goes to in order to prove themselves in the workplace. The determination that Sutton, Kat and Jane have within is #RealLadyBossVibes. The Bold Type returns in 2020.

  2. 2. Grownish

    Grownish is a spin-off of the comedy show Blackish. Spin-offs are usually trash but I actually watched Grownish from start to finish. Also, you don’t need to watch Blackish to understand the concept of Grownish. Zoey is an inspiring black fashion student that’s balancing everything on her head. As someone who is always struggling with balancing college, friends and work I completely relate to Zoey. She has her moments and mistakes that only help her improve and grow as a person. We’ve all had that moment hit us; “I need to grow up and face this head-on.” She learns to let go of old relationships and beliefs. Zoey is learning what is good for her and what is actually important in her life. Grownish returns Winter 2020.

  3. 3. Good Trouble

    Part two of “spin-offs are usually trash but this was good.” The Fosters is such a good show, but you don’t need to watch it in order to understand what Callie and Mariana are going through in Good Trouble. Callie has two sides of her; the artsy, edgy Callie and the badass, almost-lawyer Callie. She’s stuck with these two identities and often has trouble picking a lifestyle. Callie deals with misogynistic, conservative men on a daily. Her outspoken voice keeps her in trouble but also saves lives. Her sister, Mariana, is one of the very few women working at a male-dominated tech company. Their roommate, Malika, is a strong, black female activist. She joins any and all marches and protests against the killings of black lives in the area. Her persistent participation gets her in trouble with the law. All of these women constantly stand up for themselves and the ones around them; courageous and brave is an understatement. Good Trouble hasn’t released any word on their return.

Sometimes it’s good to hide under a rock. Try finding a new show that makes you feel represented whether it’s physically or mentally; it definitely helped me reconnect with different sides of myself this past summer.