Talking from Experience: Managing 3 Jobs

College can be the most hectic years of your life. From managing classes, maintaining positions in clubs and organizations, trying to have a social life, etc. — it gets even harder when you decide to take on multiple jobs. As an undergraduate student trying to get my foot into any door I can before senior year, I have taken on 3 professional positions. As crazy as it sounds, it can be a lot of fun when I love what I’m doing. Find out how I manage to jumble all of these responsibilities during the school year and still find ways to be stress-free.

Giving Myself a Reality Check

I’m the type to take what life throws at me, go with the flow but still find organization. However, taking on 3 professional positions isn’t exactly a go with the flow type of situation. I would like to categorize it as, “I think I’ve lost my mind” type of scenario. 

I figured taking on the role as a Resident Assistant would be financially beneficial for me in the long-run when my debt became substantially lower without room and board. Then, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra check coming in by gaining another on-campus job. However, I didn’t take into account that I would also be continuing my internship position this year. So look at me, juggling all 3 positions while being an undergraduate student. I’ve definitely lost my mind, huh?

As soon as I got on campus this summer to begin training for these positions I had to give myself a reality check. I could no longer use the excuse of, “going with the flow.” It was time to put my big girl pants on and get way more organized. Not to say I wasn’t already — but now I’m talking 3 different planners, 2 online calendars, constant alarms, post-it notes everywhere, and scheduling sleep. Maybe I’m being a little excessive but I like to be prepared. Realizing my responsibilities and utilizing all the tools I need to be on track are what's keeping me sane this semester.

When in Doubt, Write or Type It Out

While juggling these multiple responsibilities, my best friends are my planner, calendar and post-it notes. Even though my memory is pretty decent, I don’t expect myself to memorize every single detail of my life. When in doubt, write it or type it out. We have been given countless resources to have at our convenience, use them! 

Every time I have a new shift, I write it down in my planner and log it into my gCal. Whenever I have another meeting, I put it on my dry erase calendar, write it in my planner and log it into my gCal. I even place little post-it notes with reminders around my room and in my planners to ensure I remember every little thing. The way I see it, you can never be too prepared.

Enjoy the Position

Let’s be honest making bank is a wonderful thing, but having multiple jobs isn’t unless you actually like your job. Don’t take on positions you don’t find joy in. Money is the motive but so is your happiness. 

I love being a Resident Assistant because I get to connect with my community and serve as a resource for those going through their college journey. It may get hectic at times but then I remembered why I applied for the job in the first place. Having a second on-campus position other than being an RA allows me to make that extra bank I seriously need, so I'm not complaining. Then my internship is me stepping into my career field — I’m getting a foot into the door while doing what I love.

As stressful as 3 jobs can be, there’s always a way to find the bright side of things. As long as the checks keep coming in and my lucky planners are with me, I’ll be just fine.