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Summer Sun to Autumn Leaves: The Fashion Guide for the Summer-Autumn Phase

As we get further along in September and summer starts to slip away, so will the denim shorts, tube tops and sandals we wore all season long. However, autumn hasn’t greeted us yet so wearing knit sweaters and ugg boots doesn’t seem right. So what does one wear during those cooler summer, hotter autumn days? Well, here is the guide on what to wear during these days.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Sweatshirts & Biker Shorts: While knit sweaters are too warm, sweatshirts can be altered to keep you cool. It’s best worn with biker shorts, chunky sneakers and low cut/quarter socks. Folded up sleeves or cropped, this outfit can be easily worn to campus or out for a city day trip.
  • Cardigans & Tank Tops: Leaning more on the autumn side, cardigans in all shapes and colors are a staple during this time of year. Paired with the summer staple, the tank top, it’s the perfect outfit for the transitioning of seasons. This duo can be dressed up and down and could be worn nearly everywhere.
  • Tees & Mom Jeans: With Mom Jeans becoming more popular along with the oversized-tee, it’s no shock that the newest duo would appear on the list. Whether with crocs or sneakers, this pair can be personalized easily by changing the design of the tee or the color and style of the mom jeans.
  • Long Sleeves & Skirts: Skirts and long sleeved tops of all kinds are great for the fall, whether tennis, buttoned, corduroy, sweatshirt or bodysuit. This pair can be styled with nearly any kind of shoe or accessory for any look you want, perfect for casual wear or for a classy date night.

Fashion Pieces:

  • Booties: Booties of all colors and styles are a great way to dress up an outfit. Leather, suede, high heeled or wedged, booties are a must this time of year.
  • Flared Bottoms: An alternative to the popular mom jeans are flared jeans. It also comes in other forms of bottoms like flared leggings/yoga pants.
  • Sweatpants: While on the more casual side, sweats are a loved piece all year round but are the best during this time of year. With crocs or heels, these are definitely some of the comfiest pieces ever worn.
  • Patterned Clothes: Patterns are becoming more prevalent in fashion and this season definitely sees old patterns returning, such as argyle and gingham. Whether in cardigans or bottoms, patterned pieces are a must.

Accessories & Extras

  • Colored Bucket Hats: Bucket hats are living on even after the summer. They can easily become part of the outfit since they come in any pattern and color nowadays.
  • Mini Handbags: Great way to tie in an outfit together, especially with the Y2K fashion coming into trend.
  • Brown ANYTHING: Probably the color of the season, brown bottoms, brown shoes, brown tops, brown has taken over the fashion world in all hues.
  • Perfume Options: Some scents for this summer-fall season I’d suggest are Wild Honeyflower, Dahlia and Sunrise Woods to name a few – all from Bath and Body Works (since we’re styling on a budget).

This summer-autumn season, let’s dress to impress and get ready for what autumn has in store for us.

Nicole Sandoval

Montclair '24

Hello, I'm Nicole. I'm a Business Administration Major with a love for fashion, beauty, and writing. Hopefully, you enjoy my articles just as much as I enjoy writing them.
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