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Style to Stream: Costume Designers Work Their Magic

Lately, I’ve been finding myself asking the question of who the costume designer is in a bunch of series and movies, wishing that someday I could be on set putting together iconic looks for A-listers. It blows me away that stylists and costume designers can find or create looks that were popular during different eras and mold them into looks from today, at the drop of a hat. Here’s a list of shows that really use clothing to tell their story and to contribute to character development.

The Heathers

The Heathers costume designer, Aubrey Binzer keeps the über popular clique looking on point. Binzer was already on top of the cheetah print trend before it even happened. Graphic tees, busy prints, athleisure trends and statement pieces make The Heathers style relatable and attainable. Viewers will be sure to copycat the trends depicted throughout the ten episode series.


Wrestling, but make it fashion. Costume designer and stylist, Beth Morgan, takes viewers through a time machine in Netflix’s original series, GLOW. Each and every woman in the show is styled according to their wrestler persona and Morgan does an impeccable job of making the looks high fashion yet relevant to the 80’s time period. Morgan makes me want to hop into a sparkly bodysuit and tote around in it all day. Not only does Morgan have to style for the wrestling characters but she needs to style for the woman playing the parts of said wrestler alter egos. Technically, she has double the personality to work with!

The Office

It may not seem like it, but it takes a lot of skill to maintain those mundane office looks from season to season and keeping everyone’s style consistent. It’s even harder to make big name celebrities like Steve Carell and John Krasinski not stand out. With the help of Carey Bennett, who styled for 65 episodes, they blend right in and look just like your average Joe.


Everyone can attest to this one. The styles featured in Friends, crafted by Debra McGuire, can be seen emulated on the Instagram pages of millennials today, proving that what comes around goes around in the fashion circuit.

Grace and Frankie

The juxtaposition between Grace and Frankie’s personalities in this Netflix series is evident through their style choices. From bohemian to prim and proper, costume designer Allyson Fanger eloquently captures the essence of both friends conflicting traits.

Cassidy Lunney is a fashion studies and journalism student at Montclair State! She is also the fashion + beauty editor for HerCampus Montclair. Aside from fashion, some of her favorite things are her dog, buffalo dip and comedy. Check out some of her content on Instagram: @cassidylunney
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