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Sophie’s S.T.R.E.E.T: Great Winter Jobs for College Students

Hey there collegiettes, Her Campus Montclair would like to present you with a new campus feature, Sophie’s Street: Successful.Tips.Resources.Examples.Experiences and Tools. As a graduating senior at Montclair State University, I have quite some experience with classes, jobs, volunteering and with life in general. So with that said, this campus feature will be a way for me to share those experiences with younger collegiettes. In this particular article, I’ll present you with some wonderful winter job ideas, and advice on how to obtain those jobs. I hope you enjoy and learn from this so that you can make some winter time cash!

Snow Shoveling

Assuming that you live in the Northeast area or anywhere that it snows, snow shoveling is the perfect way to make fast cash. While 2015 hasn’t seen any snow as of yet, you can expect to make quite a seasonal career from shoveling when it does begin to snow.

Some colleges even offer snow shoveling positions to their students for rates as high as $15 per hour. Montclair State University is one of those colleges so if you are an HCM collegiette, check out the opportunity by going to the school website. Another great way to shovel snow is to simply offer your services to neighbors, your parents, or small businesses.

Seasonal Jobs

One of the best ways to become employed for the winter break is to pursue season positions at various retail locations. Apply, apply, and apply some more. Your best bet would be to check out your nearest mall or shopping center. Retail stores such as Burlington Coat Factory, Forever 21, and even Target are in extreme need of workers throughout the bustling Holiday Season.

Now before you apply, I will advise you to prepare your resume, perhaps even a cover letter related to the specific position(s) you are applying to and be prepared to spend some time answering questions for about an hour. Job application surveys tend to range from a good 30-90 questions depending on the company.


A great way to get your foot in the door is by creating a profile on websites such as care.com and sittercity.com. Gone are the days of simply being a babysitter. Can you clean? Are you good with animals? Well, sites like care.com consider all of these skills and you can create multiple profiles specifically related to your different skills.

Becoming a caregiver is one of the best ways to make a quick buck BUT please remember to be genuine when it comes to pursuing a position as such. Everything is not for everyone so if you are low on patience, please exit stage left on this tip.


Are you marvelous at Mathematics or excellent at English? Well there’s a job for that. Check out a few of these tutoring websites below for your chance to become a certified tutor. You can make money from your room in your PJ’s. Trust me, I have friends who have tutored through through sites such as Wyzant and Varsity Tutoring.


Food Service

If you’re a food lover like me, then you would not mind being around it on the daily. Okay, maybe it could get a little annoying after a while but if you’re only looking for a winter job, it’ll be over before you know it. Check out indeed.com for some amazing food service job opportunities.


Well collegiettes, that’s all for this month’s Sophie Street! I hope you all were able to get something out of this article and are able to make some winter time cash. Remember to be real about what jobs fit your personality, be yourself in interviews, be true to what you believe in and be honest about what skills you have. Among those 10-20 companies you’ve applied to, someone will see the greatness that lies within you. Now go out there and apply!

Sophonie whom is best known as Sophie, is a Graduating Senior at what she likes to call "the best school on this side of town," Montclair State University. In her words, MSU's slogan is not far from the truth because she belives it is definitely all here! Sophie is a Psychology major and a double minor of Creative Writing & African-American Studies. Her first love is reading and second love is creating writing. This is 4th Semester as a writer for HerCampus and she couldn't be happier to still be a part of such an amazing group of young, talented writers. One of Sophie's many future goals is to become a published author.
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