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This past year, online shopping was at an all-time high. Everybody and their mother was having items shipped to their homes, and I found a new favorite place to shop. My cousin mentioned a site she uses to buy clothes and I thought I’d give it a shot, and let me tell you, I’m obsessed. I absolutely adore the online store “Shein” and all the features it has to offer. I check the app on an everyday basis to see new deals and check-in for points. This site has changed the game for online clothes shopping, and I’ll gladly tell you the ins and outs.


     If you shop as much as a college student does, you know how important it is to get money off purchases. Shein has this feature that you can check-in daily for points. Once these points add up to a significant amount, you can apply them to your total purchase and get money off, without searching for coupons (because I do that all the time and the frustration is real). Another way to get points (and a lot at a time) is to review an item you have purchased! The more you review, the more points awarded! The only part that I’m not a fan of with the point system is that it takes a while to get enough points to take money off. Each point is only a cent so, in order to reach a dollar, you need 100 points. This being said, the more consecutive you are with checking in, the more points you’re awarded. Regardless, I love this option and I think it’s a great way to get people excited to shop.

Flash Sale

     Every 24 hours or so, Shein releases flash sale items that are cheaper than they’d usually be. I appreciate this flash sale because even though Shein isn’t expensive on its own, it makes you feel better when buying clothes for an even cheaperprice. You can even see the next set of items and when they go on sale before it starts. The only frustrating part is that once that item runs out, it’s gone. A lot of times the bigger sizes run out faster because people rather size up in case it shrinks or in case it runs small. I can’t tell you how many times I was about to buy an item and saw they already ran out in my size. The struggle is real. Nevertheless, the flash sale is an amazing part of this site. 

Something for Everyone

     Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. As a bustier woman, I have to watch the sizes I purchase. My actual body is more of a medium/large where my chest always makes me size up in the shirt or dress I plan to buy. One thing I love about this site is the different size categories. They have “Women”, “Men”, “Shein Curve + Plus”, “Maternity”, “Kids”, “Pets + Home” and “Beauty”. I love this because not everyone wants to fill up their cart with items for themselves. While shopping, you start thinking about holidays and friends, and this makes you start looking for others. With Shein having these different categories, you can get all your shopping done at one store and buy it all together. I think this makes life a whole lot easier, especially if you’re anything like me and have to bounce around from store to store to find that perfect gift. 


    Yes, everybody’s favorite word. “Free is for me” happens to be my motto (I’m a college student, okay? Times are tough). I’ve learned a way to get free stuff out of this site. One way to automatically get free shipping any day of the week is to purchase $50 or more. Many sites are like this and Shein happens to be one of them. If you’re a shopper like me, $50 isn’t hard to reach. Many times, coupons can be found easily and you end up buying more and spending less (but you still need to be spending $50 with the purchase to get the free shipping, so if you use coupons, buy more and save the money). Now, I’m going to tell you two secrets I’ve recently discovered: Sundays you get free shipping no matter whatyou spend. Shein doesn’t always make this well known because they want you to spend your money (sorry, Shein). If you’re doing small shopping, try to make the purchase on a Sunday so you don’t have to spend so much money if it’s not necessary. Next, there’s a trial center. With this, there’s a list of clothes that are meant for somebody to get for a “trial run”. Basically, you apply for that piece of clothing and if you win, they send you the clothes for free and you have to write a pretty lengthy review in return. Many people apply for these clothes, so it’s not definite that you’ll get them. You can only apply 3x a week, so choose wisely! 

Now you all know about Shein, a girl’s best friend. Have fun! Happy shopping!

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