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By Hailey Mayewski

Contributing Writer 

Full disclosure, I did not think I would like this show at all. I honestly had no intentions of even watching it. The commercials just made it look like another zombie show, only this one was based on a video game. Shoutout to my boyfriend for actually convincing me to sit down and give it a try. The first episode pulled me in, and by the second, I was a big fan. 

The show takes place in a post apocalyptic future where a fungus known as cordyceps, have taken over. Turning people into an infected, zombie-like state, where their goal is to spread the infection to the rest of the human race by biting.

Joel (Pedro Pascal) is a man who has basically lost everything to this virus, including his daughter. He is tasked to transport a teenage girl across the country while keeping her safe and alive. This girl’s name is Ellie (Bella Ramsey) but she’s not just any girl. She is immune to the virus. He must take her where she needs to go, as she may be the key to a life-saving vaccine. Joel and Ellie begin their journey both very cold toward each other. However, after time, their relationship blooms into a beautiful father-daughter type of care. 

Even this review sounds like something I would not be interested in watching, but it’s the way this story is told that is so captivating. 

Yes, the show is about “zombies” but they really don’t have much screen time. In fact, the zombies aren’t even the main villains at all. It’s the humans living in this terrible world. 

Humans, that is what this show is about. It’s all about human interaction. We get to see how humans react in a wild time of need. 

In 2020, our real world was at war with a virus. It was scary and sad, but we got through it because we helped each other out. “The Last of Us” does an amazing job hitting this point in the head. Specifically in episode two, “Infected.”

If you are going to watch any episode of the series, it should be this. This is a stand alone episode where we barely even see our main characters Joel and Ellie at all. It follows two completely new characters. Frank (Murray Bartlett) and Bill (Nick Offerman), are a couple who spend their life in isolation hiding from the horrors of the outside world. We watch them fall in love, grow old and eventually leave the world together. Their story arc is the most beautiful one I have truly ever seen in a show, not to mention that it all takes place in one episode. This episode will make you laugh, smile and cry. (Or sob like me.)

For a show about zombies, it’s honestly beautiful. Not only the story arcs, but also the cinematography. There are so many amazing shots that they took from the game, and were able to capture in real life. Following each episode is a little piece of a documentary where they explain how it was made. 

Lastly, the acting in this show is simply unmatched. The raw, human emotion we see in each character will send chills down your spine. 

Fans of the series are super excited as it will be back for season 2. 

Overall, if you haven’t given “The Last Of Us” a try, I highly recommend it. Don’t let the zombies and violence scare you away, because while the show can be horrific and gruesome, it is also one of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen told through a tv show.

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