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Red Hawk Swag: Last Minute On-Campus Holiday Shopping

There’s no time like finals to remind you that not only is Christmas around the corner, but you also haven’t bought a single gift for anyone! If you live on campus, you probably have a hard time getting off campus to buy your family gifts. Even if you don’t live on campus, you feel like you do between the hours spent in class and all of the time you spend cramming in the library.

Here’s a simple solution: get your holiday shopping done in the campus bookstore! The bookstore has so many gifts for your friends or family back home. You can definitely find something for everyone!


No one is a bigger cheerleader than Mom. Help her show off her Red Hawk pride and keep her energized with this MSU Mom Coffee Mug!

She’s always telling her co-workers, friends and strangers in the grocery store what a hard worker you are, so give her a chance to remind everyone without saying it with this MSU Mom T-shirt! (Just remind her not to wear it out when she’s with you.)


This baseball cap is sure to remind Dad of the days you spent in the backyard playing catch or when he coached your little league softball team. Now, he can show off his little girl’s school and remind everyone around him that he has a super-smart college kid!

For the Dad who is extra fit and into technology, how about a Fitbit? Not only does the bookstore have a variety of colors, but you can also pick up an extra band so it matches all of Dad’s workout clothes!


Brothers can be a pain in the you-know-what, but where would we be without them? Whether your brother is older or younger, you know that you can’t wait to see him come holiday break. He’s sure to stay warm this winter with an MSU Beanie!

For the athletic brother, check out these basketball shorts that are perfect for in the gym or on the court.​​


For the sister who is constantly on the go, check out this adorable MSU tote bag! It comes in three colors, so it will suit her personality. It can easily fit an extra set of clothes or her schoolbooks. Plus, she’s definitely going to think of you every time she picks it up!

For your busy sister, check out this 2017 planner. She’s stay organized all year round with this yearly calendar. Bonus points for the adorable colors it comes in!

You might be shocked that the bookstore has all of this for sale – I know I was! Just remember that no matter what you get your family, they’re going to love it. There are many more options than what is listed here, so be sure to take a minute and pop inside before heading home this holiday!

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