A Recap of New York Fashion Week F/W '18

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Editors, bloggers, publicists, and Instagram stars strut their best looks and showroom pulls down the streets of New York City in hopes of being photographed by the notorious Phil Oh. Fashion models start their final fittings, take a deep breath, and walk out onto the runway striking poses left and right. Future industry insiders are watching live streams from home and keeping up with Vogue's final statements on each collection. Then we have the most important fashion week contributors, the fabulous designers. These artists are sitting backstage biting their nails and praying with one hand on the fashion bible that each new piece gallivanting down the catwalk is oohing and aahing their A-list crowd.

If you’re like me, you want to know exactly what the trends are for the upcoming Fall/Winter season are and you want to know them fast. I’m literally going to the mall this weekend to find items that resemble the looks that were presented this week. It’s always important to remain in fashion when you plan on working in fashion. To keep everyone updated, I have summarized some of the most noteworthy shows and trends of the F/W '18 season.

Warning: Some of these designers are WAY overpriced but us college guys and gals are in luck, thanks to the trickle-down theory. Seriously expect to see various renditions of these looks for a fraction of the price in every mall, boutique, and Zara near you.



This is one of my favorite trends of all times. Asymmetrical cuts can make an outfit go from boring to having that wow factor. There's also something very sexy about them, they really accentuate parts of the body we didn’t even know could be flaunted!

Photo: Elle

Statement Pockets

Now, this is a trend that is totally fresh and innovative, something that is not often heard of or seen around.

Photo: Elle

Animal Print  

Animal print is back in the most interesting way! Adding colorful detail makes the gaudy notion of animal print disappear and turn it into a chic masterpiece.

Photo: Elle


Area Show

Lots of layers, lots of animal print, lots of trends. The Area show really had it all. Some trends that were spotted in the looks were fringe, slippers, stripes, artsy prints, floppy hats, fur cuffs, and metallics.

Photo: Vogue

Calvin Klein Show

Some of the looks from this show gave off some serious construction worker and androgynous vibes! Designers like Calvin Klein, who have been around for a while, really have to make sure they are staying relevant and innovative. I think he did just that with his most recent collection. There was lots of knitted caps and sweaters, utility jackets, plaid and colors that would otherwise never be worn together.

Photo: Vogue

Christian Siriano Show

Project Runway veteran Christian Siriano has left his mark in the fashion industry but this collection really drew me in. I saw this beautiful and sparkly black ball gown on his social media page and I fell in love. His show featured other cohesive pieces that resembled this one as well as two tone dresses, ruby reds, and iridescent coats.

Photo: Vogue

Tom Ford Show

Apparently, Tom Ford equals colorful animal print and power suits. Almost every single look featured one or the other or a combination of the two!

Photo: Vogue

Other trends to be on the lookout for are rubber (strange I know), the fanny pack, transparency, white suits, and so much more denim on denim. Unfortunately, the man of the hour, Kanye West has yet to present his show. Hopefully, he will showcase his next masterpiece of a fashion show when the purveyors of the industry hit Paris.