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To diverge from our usual course, today’s post is going to be a little different. With the first day of spring beginning today, what better idea to celebrate it than showing you how our team wears – you guessed it! Prints. Prints are no longer frowned upon and here’s how the ladies of HCMontclair wear prints.



Here is our editor-in-chief looking absolutely stunning in this floral frock. She made the look even more classic with a pair of black pumps and simple make-up. Her outfit really makes me want to invest in a thousand floral dresses!



Tanya totally explored her tribal side with these Aztec printed leggings and does she look great! She made her leggings the center of attention by pairing it with a black blazer and boots. Tanya has the right idea when it comes to wearing printed leggings- keep everything else simple!



Lindsey wore a floral frock as well! Her look is simple yet so chic. Leaving her hair pin straight adds a casual yet sophisticated touch to her ensemble.



Dylan is looking totally adorable with her light pink shorts and printed shirt! What I like about this outfit so much is the perfect blend of color, the pink and the white just look amazing together. Dylan knows exactly how to execute a leopard print by choosing it in a neutral color.



Last but not least, me! Here I am wearing a striped dress for my high school graduation. Don’t mind my boyfriend, who looks miserable, it was over a 100 degrees that day! But this just shows that prints are applicable during all seasons.


So what do you guys think? Will you be wearing prints this season or are you over this trend? My prediction leads me to believe that prints are here to stay! 

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" -Yves Saint Laurent
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