From Preppy to Edgy, Tom Ford’s NYFW FW19 Show Nailed It All

How can cropped trousers, floppy hats, black tights and chains all go together? Tom Ford just made it work in the new FW19 show!

The show opened with very upbeat music and models came out in seemingly preppy partially unopened button-up tops and tied scarves with cropped trousers in a variety of colors and black tights with high heels. They also featured oversized, somewhat floppy hats… and it almost had a bit of a western feel as well!

A few male models came out in monochromatic suits, and Gigi Hadid rocked a red-on-red suit-style outfit. Black-on-black seemed to be a recurring theme as well.

There was also quite a bit of green; the olives and emeralds were gorgeous. A single color in multiple shades in a single outfit seemed to be very prominent in this show!

In contrast to the preppy intro, a consistent use of purses with noticeable chains, black sunglasses and black gloves added an edgy, darker tone to the collection. There was also some experimentation with texture, from shiny, sleek materials to more soft, fluffy looking pieces.

After all this, the music became dramatically slower and moodier. A series of models in floor-length, elegant dresses came out and these dresses all had amazing necklines and backs with unique cut-outs.

These dresses were solid black, white, pastels and even silver and featured beautiful chains in the neckline and back designs which made the classic, long dresses appear a lot more edgy.

Variety seemed to be a huge theme in this show. Tom Ford did it all: from fun to moody, dark to light, preppy to edgy, soft to sleek and everything in between, he nailed it all… just like we knew he would.

Tom Ford Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear