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Places to Go, People to See: A List of Local Hangouts

Every now and then we all hit that point when we’re with friends and can’t help but run out of ideas on what to do. You’ve gotten tired of eating out at the same places or you just feel like you’ve done it all. Believe it or not, Montclair and the towns surrounding Montclair State offer some pretty rad hangout spots and activities. Here are just a few!

Adventure Rooms New Jersey // Montclair, NJ

In the mood to play detective? Grab some friends and reserve a spot at Adventure Rooms New Jersey! Adventure Rooms put you and your group in a room where you are all put to the test to solve different puzzles and mysteries in a set amount of time.

Montclair Art Museum // Montclair, NJ

Feeling artsy? Head over to the Montclair Art Museum on Bloomfield Ave and take a day to check out all the neat exhibits on display! Fun fact: The museum offers free admission on the first Thursday night of every month!

Kips Castle // Verona, NJ

Kips Castle Park is the perfect place to check out now that the weather is just starting to warm up! It’s a 9,000-acre mansion with great views of the city. Explore the grounds of the park with your friends, or even take the opportunity to have a photography day!

Montclair Book Center // Montclair, NJ

For all the music and book lovers in your life, the Montclair Book Center has an abundance of new, used, and rare books and vinyl! Walking into the shop, you’ll be met with stacks and stacks of books that reach the ceiling. It’s a gem of a store with that cozy bookstore feel. Treat yourself and your friends to an outing to explore the shelves of the Montclair Book Center and maybe even find your newest favorite book or album.

Eagle Rock Reservation // West Orange, NJ

Want to get back in touch with nature? Eagle Rock Reservation is a 400-acre park with fantastic views of the New York City skyline. Whether you’re in the mood for a hike or just a place to enjoy the view, Eagle Rock Reservation has something for everyone.

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Allie Manalili is a freshman at Montclair State University. In the pursuit of spreading her love of all things art, Allie is majoring in Visual Arts with a concentration in School and Community settings. When she's not on campus, you can almost always find her arms full with a stack of books at the local bookstore, scouting out a new brunch place, or even adventuring to new heights on a hike. Along with being a Contributing Writer for Her Campus Montclair, she is also an Admissions Ambassador, and is excited to see where the next four years take her.
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