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The colder months can be rough, both physically and mentally. Here are my top 10 essentials that help me out in the winter.

  1. Coconut Oil: If you are anything like me, your skin gets DRY in the winter. I have tried many different lotions, and I have come to discover the most hydrating thing for my skin is coconut oil. I just take a little bit out of the jar and rub it on my elbows, knees and any other dry areas.
  2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula and Vitamin E Swivel Stick: Chapped lips? This will solve that right away. This swivel stick is the best lip moisturizer I have ever used. I promise, after one use, you will be hooked.
  3. The Comfy Original: Remember the Huggie from our childhood? Well this takes that to a whole new level. This is a blanket/sweatshirt mix, and it is so warm and cozy. The Comfy is my unofficial at home uniform because I honestly never take it off.
  4. A Nice Planner: Maybe it’s just me, but the cold weather definitely leaves me feeling a bit sluggish. Having a cute planner helps me stay organized and motivated during the colder months.
  5. Ear Warmer Headband: When wearing lots of layers, I find it is easier to pull my hair up and out of the way. However, that leaves my ears cold and exposed. Wearing a headband ear warmer is the perfect solution. They also can be super cute.
  6. Hand Lotion: While I love using my coconut oil at home, I have to have hand lotion on me at all times in the winter. I like to leave this in my car to ensure I always have it with me. It’s just the treat my hands need after walking to my car in the cold.
  7. A Warm Puffy Jacket: Ok, this may seem obvious, but it is a game changer. I would totally recommend investing in a nice puffer jacket for the winter. I would also say to size up. This will allow you to fit layers underneath for when it is super cold.
  8. Sunglasses: This may seem like an odd one, but the sun reflecting off the snow is no joke. I like to keep a pair in my car so I can make sure I see while driving.
  9. Body Scrub: There is nothing better than taking a warm shower and exfoliating off your dead skin. I like using Bath and Body Works scrubs, but any will do. It helps to leave your skin feeling nice and smooth.
  10. Fit Bit or Apple Watch: I often find I have less motivation to work out during the winter. Having something that tracks my steps motivates me to be more active. This helps me physically and mentally. 

I hope these 10 essentials help you survive the cold and have the best winter yet!

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Hailey Mayewski

Montclair '23

Hailey Mayewski is a Junior, journalism major at Montclair State University. She is excited to be a new member of Her Campus Montclair.