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My First (and Last) Valentine’s Date

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Within the 20-years of my life, I had only ever been on one Valentine’s Day date. It was with my best friend.

Okay, okay, before we start thinking about all of the possible sad days we’ve had over the years on February 14th, this is something to highly consider.

It wasn’t that I lacked the chance to get a date on Valentine’s Day, my friends and I were fully aware that I was in a relationship. My boyfriend’s schedule just didn’t match up with mine so we just celebrated the day before. This only gave me the opportunity to have Galentine’s Day!

The plan was to put on dresses, do our makeup, go out to a nice restaurant and have a good time. We were aware of these plans at least a week in advance, all we had to do was pick the restaurant. 

So the day of, my best friend and I put on the dresses that we had picked out days before. I wore a velour baby-blue, knee-length dress and paired it with a pair of nude heels. My friend, Shannon, wore a black dress that was about the same length and wore black heels. We both had matching baby blue nails that I had painted the previous night because that’s just the kind of people we are. 

Shannon did her own makeup while a mutual friend of ours did mine. We tried to get this said-friend to go but she also had premeditated Galentine’s Day plans. After we finished getting ready, which was full of throwback songs from One Direction and Big Time Rush, I think it’s worth noting that we had yet to make any reservations, which probably wasn’t the best idea given that it was actually Valentine’s Day. But lucky for us, we scored a reservation for 8:30 at a restaurant named Veggie Heaven.

I was very iffy about this place because I’m a very picky eater (hence the reason why it took us so long to pick a place to eat). Dinner itself was wonderful. We shared laughs and inside jokes that no one else in the restaurant would’ve understood. The food was excellent and they had the best (hot) tea that I have ever tasted, which is saying a lot given that I don’t even like tea unless it’s Arizona. The restaurant was beautiful and had good service. When dinner was over, we returned back to the dorms to watch a movie. We shared a cookie and called it a night.

The day was simple yet eventful. Relaxing, yet energetic. This Galentine’s Day was something that I recommend that girls do at least once with their friends. It will always be something special that you share with your friends.


Imeera Cox

Montclair '22

Imeera Cox is a junior EOF scholar at Montclair State University and majors in Public Relations. Imeera is excited to write about what interest her from lifestyle tips, theatre, and social justice issues. During her free time, Imeera is usually binging her favorite TV shows or movie franchises, listening to many Musical Theatre soundtracks, or online shopping.