My 2019: The Year of Endings & New Beginnings

One word comes to mind when I think about this past year: wow. This year has taken me on such an incredible, interesting ride that I am so happy I experienced! I’m proud to say I survived and thrived in 2019 with all it gave me!


Creating My Dream Year


Like most people, I had all my new year resolutions that I was determined to accomplish this year. This was my year to shine and I was going to make sure it was a memorable one. From prom and graduating high school to starting college, it was going to be a big year. I decided that this year I wasn’t going to be shy and not do things because I felt I wasn’t qualified enough. I also wasn’t going to be upset anymore if something didn’t go the way I wanted. If I wanted to make this a great year, I could no longer try to make everything perfect or worry about things I had no control over. 


My first challenge was dealing with not getting the lead in the school musical and going through my first breakup. While it was hard and hurt to go through these things, I learned that what is for me is for me, and what isn’t was never meant for me. To make new opportunities for myself, I got involved in my school’s prom committee and choreographed the opening number to the senior guy pageant. I also started to write more, which helped me become more in tune with myself as well as sparking my creativity. Most importantly, I made sure to make any free time I could spend with friends before we went our separate ways after college. By the time the end of senior year was approaching, I am proud to say that I did everything I dreamed of accomplishing in high school and was excited to start my college journey!


Growing Up


A month before college started, I turned 18. Goodbye sweet ole seventeen and hello exciting eighteen! More freedom, more responsibility, more opportunities, and more adventures! When I woke up on my birthday, I had a big smile on my face and was filled with confidence in myself, ready for whatever 18 would bring me. And ever since they’ve never left me, which has helped me look at everything in a bright light. A few days after I turned 18, I took a big leap and reached for one of my dreams: I applied to be part of Her Campus Montclair and after a few weeks I was accepted! Being accepted helped me feel less anxious about college and more excited. I was going to do my favorite thing ever (write), share my stories with others, and make new friends with girls doing the same thing as me. I couldn’t wait for September to come. 


While college has been challenging at some points, it’s been one of the best things that ever happened to me. In fact, I believe college was made for me. I love waking up every morning, hopping on the train, and arriving on campus each day. I love meeting my new people, and creating friendships. I love learning new things in my courses and engaging in conversations with my professors. I love all the organizations I’m involved in and the skills I’m learning in them. I love being able to walk freely and comfortably in my own skin not feeling like anyone is judging me. And most importantly I love me. 


My Hope for 2020


With everything I learned this year, I know that no matter what comes my way everything is always a lesson that will help me for my greater good. While I have many dreams I’m planning for the upcoming year, I also now know that it’s okay if things don't go my way. The more I work hard, but also let life take me to the places I need to go, I’ll be happy and successful. I know what is for me is meant for me, and what isn't, I should not look back to. I’m happy and loving life and beyond excited for what 2020 will bring to me.