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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

As I pointed out in my article, 6 Shows to Watch for the Fashion, there are plenty of TV shows featuring incredible outfits. If you’re looking for some stylish movies to watch as well, these are some of the most fashionable films I’ve ever seen.

  • The Devil Wears Prada: This is one of the most iconic fashion-centered movies out there, as it’s centered around a fashion magazine, so it’s a must-see for every fashionista. 
  • Sex and the City: The movie is every bit as fashionable as the TV show. Check it out to see beautiful Carrie, sweet Charlotte, sexy Samantha and smart Miranda rock some gorgeous looks.
  • Clueless: Anyone who enjoys the 90s aesthetic should watch this movie. Thanks to Clueless, plaid yellow skirts will always be in style.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The beautiful Audrey Hepburn’s fitted black dress, pearls, long black gloves and tiara is one of the most iconic outfits from any movie, so anyone who loves glamorous looks should check out this film.
  • The Great Gatsby: This movie beautifully captures the glamour from the roaring twenties, so anyone who likes this era should give it a watch.
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service: There aren’t many films that place much attention on menswear, but this spy movie features an impressive amount of dapper, well-fitted suits, so anyone who appreciates stylish outfits for men should watch it.
  • Burlesque: As it’s centered around a burlesque lounge, this movie features some bold, flashy and provocative fashion sure to catch your attention.
  • Legally Blonde: The iconic Elle Woods rocks the girly, feminine style to perfection in this movie, so anyone who likes pink, beautiful dresses and high heels should check it out. 

Have fun watching all these fashionable films, fashionistas!


Zoe Nolz

Montclair '21

Zoe is a student at Montclair State University. She is the current Fashion and Beauty Editor for Her Campus Montclair. When she is not in class or doing work, you can catch her hanging with friends, shopping, writing, watching movies, drinking smoothies, just chilling or off on an adventure!
Bella is a Senior at Montclair State University studying Communications and Media Arts with a minor in Business. She is currently the Senior Editor as well as contributing writer for Her Campus Montclair and is very excited to take on the role of Vice President and Co-Editor in Chief for the spring '21 semester.