Longchamp’s Ultrachic Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Longchamp’s spring/summer 2020 runway collection by Sophie Delafontaine at New York Fashion Week showcased fun prints and fabrics, along with timeless looks. This was Delafontaine’s third collection as creative director. The show took place outside in Hearst Plaza in the Lincoln Center. The models walked along a large reflection pool, creating a stunning runway! The collection ranged from classic and neutral looks to bold and patterned looks. 

The two most heavily represented fabrics in this collection were leather and nylon. Longchamp is known for its classic nylon tote that can be seen being sported all around on college campuses and in the workplace. Many of the dresses, skirts and shorts were leather, which is unique for a spring/summer collection. Nylon and leather bags ranging in all different sizes and colors were another highlight of the show. 

A huge trend in this collection is belts. Every outfit, whether a dress or set, included a skinny belt. The addition of belts helped every outfit come together. We can expect to see skinny belts being brought back for next year! Another staple in this collection is lace-up sandals, which is one of my summer essentials.

One of my favorite looks was a blush and yellow dress with leather detailing. Kendall Jenner wore this dress to the show and the same color palette of the dress was seen on the runway. Jenner is a Longchamp ambassador as of this year. The dress had beautiful leather detailing complete with zippered pockets, which is always essential in completing the perfect dress.

Some of the looks were solid colored either in blacks, whites or blush pinks, which were very chic and timeless. Kaia Gerber opened the show in a stunning jacket over a white zipped blouse. Many of the skirts had high slits and were sheer with an intricate pattern layover. There are a lot of juxtapositions in this collection, which I love and I know a lot of fashion lovers are loving. The entire collection showcased different designs for different tastes.

Check out the full collection here!