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Let Me Explain: Social Media as A Career

We are in the day and age where social media careers are becoming the norm. A decade ago the idea wouldn’t even be considered possible. There are careers in brand promotion, blogging, content creation, the list goes on and on. Individuals are building brands and becoming media professionals at ages young as eight years old- yes, I’m talking about Ryan’s World. Take a look into how the social media industry is becoming the ideal career.

Everyday Jobs Relying on Media

Regular retail or customer service jobs are getting on the social media train to success. Businesses find that social media marketing is way more effective than day to day in-person interactions. Keeping customers up-to-date on promotions, deals, services, events, etc. through social media platforms has become a routine for the daily business. A lot of stores look for a specific employee to be in charge of marketing for their on-site locations. If you’re noticing that your current job could use a social media makeover or needs someone to keep the business’ platforms up-to-date, hop on the opportunity to be that person. The position of brand ambassador or influencer is a dream come true if you ask me.

The World of Blogging/Vlogging

If content creation in the form of marketing on social media isn’t your style, welcome yourself into the world of blogging/vlogging – no, they aren’t the same thing. Blogging channels a different aspect of content creation, mainly writing. You can find blogs about lifestyle, beauty, health, wellness, fashion, automobiles, food, you name it. I’d like to think blogging is for those who enjoy a quick read from day-to-day. Vlogging, on the other hand, is content creation in the form of video. Youtube has taken media careers to a whole new level with gaming, beauty, styling, family lifestyle, mukbangs, literally everything is on youtube. Anyone can pick up their phone, or camera if you have one, and record whatever their heart desires and if their ratings are successful, get paid for it. Even babies have their own youtube channel and are raking up the pampers deals.

Building Your Own Brand

Many have made the decision to make social media their only career and build their own brand. The options are endless for what your brand can be, all you need is a little motivation, creativity, and consistency. 

By building your own brand on social media you can effectively market your interest and build engagement. Let’s just say you decided to focus on fitness. You’d create the content of your everyday routine and tips and share them with the public. Create an aesthetic for your feed and interact with your followers. Keep up with this and it can eventually lead to brand deals and partnerships. It’s all about how much work you’re willing to put into your brand.

So despite what the traditional thinker may think, social media can be a career. We live in a world where everything revolves around the media, so why not take advantage? If you have an interest in something and you enjoy social media, look into ways you can make it your career. 

Lynese Salmon is a Senior majoring in Communications and Media Arts. Hoping to pursue a career in social media strategics and/or to land an editorial/writing position for an online publication. Her list of hobbies are endless since she takes interest in so many things. Lynese adores the arts, whether it's visual, performing, digital, etc. She is an outgoing individual with a willingness to learn. Lynese believes the possibilities are endless for everyone so why should you limit yourself. Loves to meet new people and learn more about different identities. Lynese is an open book so she's pretty approachable. All in all, Lynese is a creative personality that likes to think outside the box.
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