It’s Spring Cleaning Season: Room Edition

You smell the flowers blossoming, sunshine coming out more often, fresh air all around, pastel and floral fashion coming out again; that just means that spring is here ladies, you know what that means!!! Yes, time to do spring cleaning in your room! Our favorite time of the year! Now I know what you must be thinking, where do I even begin. Don’t you worry sis I got you all covered for this year's spring cleaning; room edition.

  1. 1. Get yourself in the mood

    Spring cleaning can be a big task so before starting you should do a couple of things to get you in the right mindset before starting to clean. The mindset you should have is motivated, so you can make your space feel clean, and like a new start for a new season. You should put on your favorite music playlist for when you are cleaning.

  2. 2. Make a to-do list

    Before you even start cleaning, you should look around your room and see what needs to get done and list things to clean. For instance, put away running shorts in draws, hang up jeans in the closet, donate, reorganize, etc. Make it a goal to get everything checked off written on the list.

  3. 3. Make piles

    While you are cleaning out your warmer items of clothing to your cooler items of clothing into your wardrobe for the season the most helpful thing to do is to put everything into separate piles. One pile can be to keep, another one can be to donate and the third pile can be to throw out.

  4. 4. Relax & enjoy your freshly cleaned room

    Oof, you did it, sis! You got the mission complete! Now it’s time to appreciate all your time well spent and hard work you've put towards your room. Put on your favorite Netflix series, light up a candle, lay back and relax in your freshly, organized room for the next week… hopefully longer :)