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Is Skin Scandalous? Or is it the New Normal?: How Lingerie Became a Way for You to Love Yourself

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Now we aren’t just talking about the infamous Victoria Secret Fashion Show. We are talking about women literally walking out in their bras and shorts. Like who doesn’t want to be comfortable? 

Recently the #BodyPositivity trend has taken off to social media and celebrities like Lizzo and Ashley Graham have supported this idea. They started to wear bras and sheer clothing to show off their curvy bodies at important events and when going out to do daily tasks. We might’ve  seen this “scandalous” trend coming when fashion icon Emma Chamberlain started to express herself through her cropped shirts. Rihanna would be another celebrity who refused to wear anything that covered her belly during her pregnancy. Would you call that scandalous? Or just a pregnant woman trying to feel comfortable. 

Seeing these beautiful women in sexy, gorgeous pieces of clothing inspired younger women to start loving their bodies and show themselves off. So why is there so much controversy about women showing skin? I believe it’s because we are so stuck in the past and give into societal norms. No offense to the boomer generation, but we have moved on from the “girls cannot show their ankles and wrists” era. 

I’ve witnessed and you probably have to, a time when your family made a comment about how your idol dresses. They might’ve even called her a sl*t or a wh*re. Did you feel the effect of those words? Because you liked how she dressed and your style is inspired by them? I’ve been in that situation, however, I decided to just ignore and do what feels right. This also relates to the #BodyPositivity trend that flourished on the social media platform, TikTok. You’ve probably seen videos of different sizes and types of women wearing something you wouldn’t expect them to wear because of criticism from societal norms. I thought it was something quite beautiful and really gave me a boost of confidence.

So next time you go out shopping, you should buy that top that might not cover your stomach and you should purchase that sexy bodysuit. We as women should be able to love ourselves and show our style in any way we want without getting backlash for it. Fashion and its trends are forever changing and some people have a hard time keeping up with the pace. Luckily for us we understand the pace and can adapt quickly.

Hi my name is Kyra VandenHeuvel and I am an aspiring fashion design and merchandising student at Montclair State University. I will be graduating in the year of 2024! In my free time I like to draw, paint and watch anime. I cannot wait to share my thoughts and observations of the world of fashion and design with you!