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To the Incoming Freshmen, From the Graduating Senior

So we’re graduating...now what? 


As seniors are graduating from university, there are plenty of new freshmen who are waiting to have a fresh plate and are ready to take the first steps into their careers. Both incoming freshmen and graduating seniors may not be in the same place personally and professionally, but can definitely relate to one another. We’re embarking on a new chapter in our lives and though this pandemic hasn’t made the transition any easier, it has helped us to grow in more ways than one! Though this transition isn’t easy, it’s a path that can make our priorities clearer.


“Who Do You Want to Be?

Freshman year is great to reinvent yourself! This means you can choose certain organizations to be a part of, whether it’s a sorority or a club for your major. I definitely recommend joining a club with those in different majors than you because you get to meet new and different types of people. I’m a business major and I like writing, so I joined Her Campus Montclair when I realized that I liked getting to know more creative people and taking a break from the “professional-business-student” mindset.  

It’s great to reinvent yourself by finding friends like this! It’s also great to spend time with yourself by treating yourself to takeout, taking a scenic walk around campus or discovering a new spot on campus so you can read, listen to music or hang out with a friend! 


“What Do You Want to Accomplish?”

Your personal growth can help with getting more opportunities. You can accomplish your goals for the school year or semester. Rather or not it’s to be a more active member in your club, participate more in class, or make new friends, it’s good to take advantage of any opportunities presented to you. These opportunities help to accomplish your goals by pushing you in the right direction, while at the time, you didn’t even know it was the right decision for you.

The future is scary when you don’t have plans, but it’s comforting to know this - honestly, no one really knows what they’re doing. The future can be thrilling for some, but uncertain for most of us. The most important thing to carry with you when moving forward to college or the real world: it’s okay to take things as they come and to not have everything figured out. As someone who’s insanely organized and loves to plan, I learned this pretty quickly and try to remind myself of this whenever I feel stressed out by any obstacle. 


“What Kind of People Do We Want to Surround Ourselves With?”

While in college and after graduation, you’ll see a separation between your friends. You’ll have your work friends and the friends you made on your own your time, like from school. These friendships are so important and can cross paths if you want them to. One of the things that made me comfortable was that I kept my work friends separated from my personal friends and I felt more balanced. Both groups carry different energies and I interact differently with each, so it may not always be the best idea to blend them all together, but is definitely worth inviting a few friends from both sides and going out together like on a picnic. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other and experience everyone’s energies.


Onwards to a New Chapter…

 It’s so exciting to start a new environment with new people, but it can feel lonely. Every freshman experiences this the first few weeks of the new year and the best reminder is that everyone feels the exact same way. Freshmen are always looking for new friends and just anyone to hang out with so they can start their college experience away from home. Seniors are now looking onto different opportunities, whether or not they’re going to graduate school or finding their first job, they would love to find new friends and be a well-rounded “adult” who knows how to handle their finances and how to excel at the position for their company. 


We always put so much pressure to be the best, better and out-perform, but it’s also great to take a breath and just relax. It’s not easy to start graduate school right away or start your first full-time job so reward yourself by rejuvenating your senses and organize your thoughts by doing nothing. In the meantime, take a break before you start planning out goals for the next school year or what kind of jobs you want to search for. Celebrate you, your hard work, resilience and accomplishments so far - congratulations graduate!


Harmeen is a student at Montclair State University, New Jersey and is majoring in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing. Of course, besides being a Marketing student, she's interested in fashion and lifestyle, and motivated to write unique pieces for her interests.
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