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I Can’t Believe 4 Years Has Come and Gone: A Letter to Whoever Needs to Hear This

HOW IN THE WORLD DID MY FOUR YEARS AT COLLEGE GO BY SO FAST?!?! Seriously, it feels like yesterday I was complaining about college to my parents, and how much I hate it! Wait… actually that might have been yesterday hehe! Okay, maaayyyybe hate is a strong word, so I guess “dislike very much” is a better fit? Being completely and totally transparent with y’all, I actually never wanted to go to MSU… TEA! For the longest time I had been interested in starting my own business (since middle school, actually). I wanted my parents to use the money they were going to spend on my higher education for my business idea instead. So obviously you see what happened - I’m graduating college LOL! I understand why my parents had been super strict ongoing to get a degree - my mom with only a high school diploma, and my dad only with a two-year degree, both equally finding it extremely difficult to find jobs. In their eyes, it was “no degree, no job.” So they forced me to apply to schools. My mistake was only applying to two schools. The Reason being is I found myself waitlisted for my dream school and accepted to my second choice. I know what you are probably thinking - waitlisted doesn’t mean “no.” At the time, in my eyes, it did mean no because I was petty af and didn’t want to go to a school that thought of me as a “second option” when I thought of them as my top choice… In hindsight don’t do this to yourself HAHA. And that’s how I ended up here! (I feel like I needed to tell y’all about my story to kinda get the bigger picture on my advice that I have about college.) 


My first piece of advice is to get yourself involved with campus activities! This seems so cheesy and corny, but it’s true. Looking back, I was so annoyed about going to college that I kinda took it out on myself! Seeing my high school friends away at their dream schools, having the time of their life, while I’m at home going to a school I didn’t want to go to - I was so jealous BUT I didn’t get involved. I wish I had joined more clubs. That's why you see me here writing for Her Campus. The procrastinator that I am, joined a club my senior year of college (OH BOY). But I’m glad I did because I feel like I’m a part of the HC community, and even a little bit more connected to my school! I wish I had joined sooner because I wish I could have met these fantastic babes in person!! 


The second piece of advice - which might be controversial but I know you know the saying - so I’ll repeat it: “C’s get degrees.” OKAY LET ME JUSTIFY MYSELF! Because I thought of college as one of the biggest investments, I focused so much on my schoolwork, I barely actually had fun while at school! I would never take time off of school and work to hang out with my friends because I literally only cared about my grades. And when I did get bad grades it really got to me. Apparently, when you apply to jobs, employers don’t care as much about your final grades! Now I’m not saying don’t try at all, and put the minimum amount of effort in… What I’m saying is to try the best you can at school, but don’t beat yourself up if you fail a couple of tests or get some C’s on your final grades. Cause trust me, I’ve had my fair share of these moments and I think I’m doing pretty alright. Gal go out and have fun! 


As soon as you can get an internship! I’m not flipping the script a bit, but I think that's another big regret of mine, not getting an internship sooner. I waited till the absolute last minute, and then I never got true experience in an internship! I recommend that you try to get one early so that when you apply to the ones you care about you have the experience and you are more likely to get the position. You will be fine if you don’t get one - but I wish I had gotten an internship before leaving for college. Especially since a majority of them are for college credit - it’s kinda hard to get one of those after graduating college! And even if it's not your first choice, still take the job cause you can learn from just about any experience. You just might learn that this job isn’t for you! 


Please please please ask for help when you need some guidance and advice. I’m the type of person who has sooo many questions, but I’m afraid to ask! If you have a favorite professor; or someone you feel like you can ask questions, ASK AWAY! I didn’t find my favorite professor till my junior year, but I’m sooo grateful! She's the absolute best because not only is she a great teacher, but I can turn to her for help. She’s honest (like she speaks the truth and it might not be what you want to hear, but it’s definitely what you need to hear), and she helps with whatever she can! This is great for getting help with a resume, cover letter, portfolio, etc from someone who’s actually in your industry. 


And my last piece of advice is to enjoy the spontaneity of things! Being in school during the middle of a panini, it’s crazy how much I took for granted! Literally just going to campus and seeing your friends… I found out how much of a privilege that is!! Have the most fun while you can kiddos, cause you don’t know what you lose till it’s gone!


I write this fighting back the tears while on my computer… but I can’t believe this is all over. I remember having a conversation with someone during my sophomore year on my way up the car parc stairs. She said she was in her junior year, and I told her I was jealous that she was almost finished and wondered if she was excited. She just looked at me and said “I guess, I mean I’m not sure what I’m going to do or where I’ll be…” And now here I am feeling the same thing. But I know that everything will work out, cause I didn’t even want to go to school… but here I am, and doing well!


Thank you so much to HCM for helping me complete my last semester and giving me a platform to have fun on. And thanks to my editors, you work so hard and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Going to miss writing here so much! 

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With so MUCH LOVE (and tears), I’ll see ya around 



Kelsey is a senior at Montclair State University. She is majoring in Fashion Studies and minoring in both fashion design and business. She hopes this will help her boss babe dreams come true of one day owning her own swimwear brand. She loves talking all things sustainability, art, fashion and FOOD. Her go-to food is hands down pizza - it is one of the most versatile foods, duh!
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