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Denim has become one of the biggest trends over the past couple of years. Denim doesn’t seem to be going out anytime soon and I think we’re all okay with it! The 90’s craze has inspired this uproar in denim to come back, from jean jackets to “mom” jeans to “double denim” outfits, this trend is inspiring everyone to branch out and experiment with new styles. Season after season denim is one trend that’s consistent through and through. Denim is so simplistic and classic you can’t go wrong with it. 

Wearing denim is easier than you think! Some people stay away from denim because it’s uncomfortable or “too dressy” but that’s not the case, you just have the wrong denim! When you think of denim you think of jeans. Personally I love jeans, they’re my favorite denim items. There are endless styles, textures and washes of jeans, you just have to try and find the ones that work best for you. If one of your concerns is that jeans are too tight then go for a mom, girlfriend, or boyfriend style, they have a much looser fit so they’re much more comfortable but can still be worn in dressy or dressed down manner. Some of my favorite styles of jeans are mom jeans, you can get these anywhere at any price range. For a more affordable option try H&M for splurge option try Levi’sStyling denim is a lot of fun! There are endless options for the outfits you can create. You can dress denim up with a blouse and heels or dress it down with a hoodie and sneakers for the more casual days. One of my favorite ways to style denim is by pairing basics with it. I love to style jeans the most because of how versatile they are. Typically, I like to take a pair of medium wash mom jeans and pair them with a white or black top, such as a crop top or a plain t-shirt that can be tucked into the front for a more sophisticated look. To make a denim look complete you can always throw on a jean jacket and wear a “double denim” look! “Double denim” is so cute and super simple to achieve. To style denim even further match it with a belt, cute shoes and always accessorize with jewelry, it adds the extra effect you need to rock your denim look. 

Abbie Nini

Montclair '21

Abbie Nini is a junior at Montclair State University. She is currently studying communication and media arts with a minor in business. Abbie loves all things fashion, after she graduates she is hoping to pursure a career in the fashion industry. She is passionate about many things and can not wait to see what the future holds. Abbie is a big Disney lover and is always ready to shop!
Lauren Clemente recent graduate from Montclair State University who studied Communication and Media Arts. She held the role of President and Co-Campus Correspondent, as well as Editor-in-Chief at Her Campus Montclair. She loves all things to do with content creation, fashion + beauty and traveling the world.