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How to Survive College: COVID-19 Edition

After the long months of being cramped within the four walls of my room, it’s finally time to return back to school. I must say, during quarantine [even though my hot girl summer was ruined] I had a good time creating new meal ideas, designing, and binge-watching all the latest and greatest tv shows. Now’s the time to return back to school collegettes and I am here to prepare you for changes.

Some of you have made the decision to not return back to your college or university and that’s perfectly okay. The situation that us college students have dealt with is pretty severe and frightening, so I personally respect and understand any decision you have made. 

For myself, I have returned back to my university and it has been quite challenging with Zoom meetings, hybrid classes, and so forth, but here’s how I handle the stress of COVID-19 responsibilities while also enjoying my senior year. 

First, let’s discuss face coverings. Every school including mine has a required face-covering in all locations. What’s commonly preferred is cloth face coverings if it’s available. Face coverings are required; it is a part of the public health guideline. Most people don’t understand why we should wear face coverings. One reason is that it can help prevent catching or spreading COVID-19. Of course, the mask can be removed when you are ALONE and in your own dorm room. I wear my face covering faithfully, I even suggest you handwashing your mask after your day has been completed. It’s a sanitary process in which you can rewear the face covering for the next day. 

I understand that the face-covering can be stuffy and uncomfortable, but I always think of the doctors and nurses who are required to wear face coverings for almost 72 hours or more. Another important tip I cannot stress enough is if you’re using a disposable face cover, PLEASE throw it away. We are already dealing with COVID-19 the last problem we need is a million face covers thrown in our streets. 

Cleanliness is also a part of our daily routine now. I like to wash my hands every time I leave my dorm room. It is even suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) to wash your hands before and after you use a face cover. 

With everything slowly opening, and the lack of the “college experience” I completely understand the need for wanting to be outside and surrounded by friends. But as a community of college students, we have to follow the proper guidelines in order for this process to move forward in a positive manner. 

This means no partying, no big groups, and a lot of virtual contact. If you really want to hang out with your friends, try creating a Zoom party. Invite all of your friends on zoom and even add fun unique backgrounds to spice up the virtual party. You can play games or just enjoy the virtual company. Netflix even created a way for friends to watch movies together virtually. By downloading Netflix Party you can enjoy your favorite tv shows, or have a movie night with your friends [online] in the company of your room. 

Dealing with online classes can be very stressful. I have a couple of online classes that make it hard for me to focus. What I suggest is having a planner that can keep you organized. If you have a super early class, start your day off with some breakfast and a nice cup of coffee or whatever beverage of your choice. I can say for myself waking up early and grabbing breakfast made it easier for me to focus during my online classes. If your professor offers one on one meetings, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS sign up. You may not have a problem with your assignments now, but you should always sign up to meet with your professor just in case you are having some difficulties dealing with the new class arrangements. Never forget the professors are always here to help especially during these circumstances. 

This may be your first year of college, or you’re like me and this is your last year of college. Let’s make it a great and safe one by following all of the rules and regulations. If you are a Montclair State University student below is the recommended guidelines for this year. Also below are instructive videos from the World Health Organization (WHO). With all this information we will be able to survive college!



World Health Organization (WHO) Instructive Videos

Montclair State University Health Guidelines

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