How to Make a Statement with Fall 2018’s Most Anticipated Fashion Trends

Fall is approaching full speed. We know, we know. The trees are shedding leaves with wild abandonment, leaving the earth with the perfect backdrop for your #ootd selfies. You already planned the perfect spooky playlist before this article dropped, so it’s easy to say we are all ready for autumn.

Floral and animal prints are a green light for this fall, as well as faux fur, plaid, the color red, oversized clothing and *squeeeel* an eighties revival! What if we said we could show you exactly how to rock these trends with a twist? Let’s just say vintage shorts and tinted sunglasses are not out of the question.

1. Flowers go beyond the garden

Floral is making waves, and turtlenecks are not just for keeping warm this fall. Instead of the basic white t-shirt, layer a floral slip over a bold colored turtleneck. Don’t be afraid to push it and go for bright colors like lime green or orange. Color’s not your thing? Get grunge and pair a dark floral dress with a pair of combat boots (you can’t go wrong with Dr. Martens 1460 Originals) or a pair of moto boots.

If you want to incorporate floral into your shoes, make a gritty statement with an edgy shoe donned in floral. Floral Vans, Dr Martens, and Converse are just a few options. Get a pair of floral booties and let them be the center of the show by incorporating only one color throughout the rest of your outfit. Black on black never fails. You can also just sport a floral handbag if you want to be lowkey but still stand out.

2. The Cheetah Girls called

Kick off the fall 2018 trend of animal prints by going big. Opt for an all leopard midi dress: midi dresses are totally on trend for the season, and with an all animal print dress you’ll really stir the pot. If you prefer to go the accessory route when it comes to patterns, animal print has got your back.

An animal print bum bag in the snake or alligator print family can really pull your outfit together. This can be paired with a long solid colored dress for a sophisticated look or joined with bright street wear for a very urban inspired look. Cat eye sunglasses are a quirky go-to statement piece for many this fall. Go for a tiger or zebra striped pair and steal the show.

These would be especially cute with an all black ensemble to balance the loudness of them. A V-neck leopard or cheetah print sweater or shirt can’t be neglected as well. Paired with some denim and red high heels or sneakers, you can’t go wrong with this very Marilyn Monroe-esque look. If you’re feeling risqué create the same look and instead opt for a sheer leopard or cheetah print shirt.

3. Red to complement the leaves

Red is a big color this season and can be implemented in your look in various ways to make it pop. This fall opt for something other than the basic white trainer. Go red. A classic color, it can make any look appear timeless, and it’s not off the table for casual looks this season. Find new ways to incorporate it in your clothes. When’s the last time you saw someone wearing a pair of all red overalls? Exaaactly! Don’t be too scared to push the envelope with this seemingly unlikely combination.

Now, we all love a good trench coat for the fall. Break barriers and step away from your tan, camel, black, peach and gray comfort zone. Go for a vibrant red trench coat. Even better pair red with another one of falls most anticipated trends, fur. Daring you say? K-Pop stars do it all the time and you can too.

4. Pump up the plaid

A nice flannel or plaid shirt for fall is comparable to the importance of a pair of sunglasses in the summer. This fall, skip the expected plaid shirt and wow them with a plaid cardigan. Be cute, cozy and revolutionary all in one go. Wear plaid on plaid, mix and match the patterns and color combinations. Once again, don’t opt for the subtle basic colored trench coat. Switch it up with plaid. Black and white plaid is classic, but don’t be afraid to throw in more color combinations. Incorporate the eighties revival and go for fun, loud colors such a purples, reds and oranges. This not only applies to trench coats, but blazers as well.

5. Taking it back in style

If you love a good throwback you’re going to love the eighties revival trend this fall. For starters, ditch your purse for a fanny pack. Like the fashionistas of the 80s, make it funky with cool and bizarre patterns as well as bold neon colors and sequins.

You know what’s even cuter than fanny packs? Scrunchies! Scrunchies were all the rage in the 80s and you can add a scrunchie to any outfit to spice it up. Literally any outfit. If you’re wearing an outfit more on the sleek sophisticated side, pull your hair into a high bun or pony to totally be in line with this trend.

We all love a good pair of vintage high waisted jeans, but why not switch things up with a pair of cute vintage high waisted shorts? Tired of plain denim? Go for an animal print pant. Pair the bottoms of your choice with some dad shoes, and don’t forget your favorite pair of ankle socks, another big 80s trend making an appearance this fall.

Socks with ruffles, patterns, and images of your favorite cartoons are just a few options. The Vans Old Skool Sneaker is one of many 80s fashion staples as well. Pair these Vans with another 80s trend this fall, power suits, for a dressed-up look with an edge. A pair of colorful tinted sunglasses in various colors can complement any look this season as well and should not be forfeited. Orange, yellow, red, purple and pink are just a few popular colors.

With these helpful trends in mind we hope we’ve encouraged you to stray from your comfort zone this fall while being in line with 2018’s vision for fashion this season. With bright pops of color, bold prints, and contrasting trends, you’re bound to make a statement. Trust us, your Instagram feed will thank you later!