How to Keep in Touch with Your College Friends During Summer

In college, you meet so many new people in which some of them may even become your lifelong friends! However, once winter and summer break comes rolling around, saying goodbye, for the time being, is the hardest part. Here are some ways to keep in touch with your college friends over breaks, so it's more of a see you later rather than a goodbye!

1. Start a Snapchat streak with them.

Keeping a Snapchat streak with college friends is always a nice way to keep in touch and keep each other up to date on things, whether it’s sending pictures of food or pretty sunsets! It’s also a good way to stay connected since you’re sending each other daily pictures to keep the streak alive! 

2. Schedule FaceTime calls, video chats, or phone calls.

Whenever you and your college friends have time, give texting a break and try to schedule a FaceTime call or video chat during the week! Whether it’s face-to-face video calls or phone calls, it’ll be as if you guys never left each other’s side!

3. Visit each other’s hometown.

Visiting your college friend’s hometown is an adventure and vacation within itself since they either live in a different town or a different state than you. Not only is it fun and interesting to see where your friends have grown up and the different hot spots in their town — this also makes the friendship grow even closer and keeps that bond alive.

4. Communicate in general. 

Overall, communication is key when it comes keeping up any kind of relationship. Whether it’s a simple quick text just to check up or a DM of something you saw that reminded you of them! 

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