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How to Get the Perfect Instagram Picture

Social media has taken over our lives; we live on our phones keeping up with all the latest celebs and influencers. I know scrolling through Instagram is intimidating. Sometimes the people we follow seem perfect and you might wonder, how can that be me? Well, I am here to share with you five tricks on how to look more photogenic and get that perfect picture. These five tricks are making sure you are sitting/standing up straight, slightly twist your body to the side, avoid bulky clothing, keep your chin up and your shoulders out, and lastly, practice taking selfies to find your angle.

  1. 1. Sitting/standing up straight

    This trick is the first because it is the most important in getting that perfect photo. You have to pay attention to your posture when taking pictures because is really does make a huge difference. If you have hunched shoulders and your whole body looks slumped then you won't be highlighting anything to get a good angle. If you push your shoulders back and slightly push your back end out it will make a world of difference through the lens.

  2. 2. Slightly twist your body to the side

    Posing adds something special to a photo, it shows personality and can give off energy through the screen. Slightly twisting your body goes hand in hand with standing up straight. When you have the straight posture and then slightly twist your body, you are creating new angles and getting the perfect picture!

  3. 3. Avoid bulky clothing

    This trick is super important, you should wear whatever you want in a picture but if you want that perfect Instagram pic then avoid the bulk. The bulkier the clothing the more you may be drowned out in the photo. The center of attention is supposed to be you and if you are drowned in bulky clothing, then you're taking away the best part of a picture which is you! Some tops that are great for photos include  lightweight, thin materials like silk or linen.

  4. 4. Keep your chin up and shoulders out

    Keeping your shoulders out again works with having good posture and posing your body. It helps elongate the body and trick the camera into creating angles. When you keep your chin up it helps avoid and eliminate any unflattering angles that you may not want in the photo. 

  5. 5. Practice taking selfies

    This is the final trick but that does make it any less important. Practice makes perfect, we've all heard it and it's true. The more you practice the more you understand your face and what angles and lighting work best for you. Once you find those angles you will feel much more confident when you take photos and confidence is key, you can feel confidence in others and that is so important in getting the perfect picture!