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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Becoming part of your campus community is key to a successful and memorable college career. Whether that means being part of a student organization, volunteering, joining Greek Life, and more. 

Being involved allows you to build networking, communication, and leadership skills. It’s important to be engaged and active throughout your college years. 

The Student Government Association of Montclair State University shares on their website why becoming part of a student organization is important. “[Registered Student Organizations] give students the opportunity to self-govern and the room to express themselves while giving them a new leadership opportunity,” said the Student Government Association. [Registered Student Organizations] are the best way to bring your wants and needs to Montclair State University. Get involved and change the narrative!”

The Volunteer Center at Montclair State University provides a variety of community service opportunities for students. Some of the beneficial reasons behind volunteering on the Volunteer Center’s website are as follows: “Promotes personal growth and self esteem, brings people together and builds a sense of community, gain professional experience and job skills, and meeting new people,” said the Volunteer Center.  

Joining Greek Life is also a great way to not only make friends but also make a difference. As said on Greek Life’s About Us Page, “Through these experiences, Greek students are exposed to potential careers through educational programs and discussions with alumni. Additionally, fraternity and sorority members often create opportunities to give back to the community through service projects that serve as leadership moments where lifetime friendships are often forged,” said Greek Life. 

Having certain skills can also contribute to your involvement. They don’t need to be relative to being part of an organization, a volunteer, or a member of Greek Life. Anything that excites you can be part of anything you do. As shared by the Volunteer Center, “Consider what excites you (whether it’s filmmaking, accounting or childhood development) and what you hope to accomplish through your service,” said the Volunteer Center. “Also, consider what skills you have to offer. Maybe you’re a musician or an expert in web design. These hidden talents can contribute in a meaningful way to the multitude of non-profits and service organizations in our community– always remember to keep an open mind and think outside the box.”

The best way to connect with your campus community is through involvement. Various opportunities can allow you to build connections, experience and knowledge. Reaching out to the Student Government Association, Volunteer Center or Greek Life can unleash these building blocks for you to start getting involved and prepare for what comes after college.

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