Here's What I’ve Learned About Going to Music Festivals

My first concert ever was the Jonas Brothers when I was about 8 years old with my childhood best friend and our moms. But my live music obsession did not begin until I was 14 years old when I went to my very first concert unsupervised.

It was an Arctic Monkeys concert and I experienced the nostalgic feeling of hearing some of my favorite songs live. Since then I have gotten the chance to see  more of my favorite artists such as Lana Del Rey, Kali Uchis, Solange, Frank Ocean, Kanye West and many others. Additionally, I’ve learned a lot about paying for concert tickets and live music experiences.

Music festivals are way cheaper, you get to see multiple artists and spend an entire day looking around and seeing other people wearing super cute outfits! Most importantly, the food is … GREAT! My first music festival was the Meadows November 2016 and my second was Panorama July 2017. I am anxiously awaiting Trillectro this September and Camp Flog Gnaw this November. With this being said, I guess you can say I’m a festival connoisseur and I am here to share my extensive knowledge.

Festivals are more budget friendly!

The first reason why I make the strong but certain claim that going to music festivals is better than a concert is the number of artists you get for one single price. Can you say more bang for your buck?

I paid $125 with taxes to see so many people! Including some of my favorites like Solange, Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, Cherry Glazerr, MGMT and Isaiah Rashad. But in total there were 18 performances! Meanwhile a single concert for one of these artists with good seats would have been almost the same price, if not more expensive!

You can get really creative with your festival looks!

I want to stress just how absolutely cute people dress for music festivals! Music festivals are the place to be if you love fashion. Everyone has glitter, gems, sparkles and amazing outfits on. You will have so much fun admiring the people around you. In comparison, concert clothes are a lot more relaxed and lazy; rarely will you see people looking half as fun as they do for a festival.

The Food: the total deal-breaker.

My favorite part… FOOD. The food at music festivals is usually amazing because it includes so many food trucks! There are countless options from lemonade stands to ice cream stands to pizzas and tacos. Meanwhile, at a concert venue the food is super expensive for boring things like hot dogs.

Next time you want to hear some live music, take the time to find a music festival in your area. You will get more for your money, see more artists, more glitter and eat more food!