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HCM Marketing Director: Harmeen Kang

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Name: Harmeen Kang

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration, Marketing

Hometown: Hightstown, NJ


Harmeen is a multifaceted leader who possesses a number of different talents. As a Business major who serves as our Marketing Director, Harmeen is skilled in what it takes to help run a successful organization. She is also super creative when it comes to the arts! Harmeen has her own blog that is dedicated to all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and culture. Her artistic talents and affable personality make Harmeen thrive in all that she does. Having recently organized a partnership with Her Campus Rutgers, Harmeen is always looking for opportunities to help better our chapter and attract press to our members’ work. We are so grateful to have Harmeen serve on our e-board this year and can’t wait to seek inspiration from all that she does!


HCM: What drew you to Montclair State and how did you get involved in our Her Campus chapter?

HK: Montclair State was a great opportunity to have a fresh start and be in a place to meet different people. I like my hometown but I feel like I needed a new perspective to grow, and MSU gave me that. One of the first few people I met at MSU was a suitemate of mine, Hope. I found out that she was a part of Her Campus, and as an aspiring writer and content creator, it intrigued me because I saw it as another opportunity to make friends while working on my writing skills.


HCM: What aspect of your major excites you most, and how have you been working toward achieving a career in this field?

HK: Marketing is tied to social media, content creation, and the overall development of products. I didn’t think I would like it at first, but I realized it’s the best major for me considering how I love seeing plans of mine come to fruition. I love experiencing the beginning, middle and end of making something – and I don’t think I realized this after I joined HC.


HCM: What’s something you wish you knew as a Freshman?

HK: As a freshman, I wish I knew how to be confident. It’s something that a lot of people try to teach you, but it’s something that I realized through my own self-growth. As I became more confident through the ideas that I talked about with my friends, I eventually felt and looked confident.


HCM: Where do you aspire to be after graduation?

HK: Hopefully at any media company. I want to go towards a digital marketing path, and I’ve been looking at places like Spotify and Twitter. I think they would be great places to work one day.


HCM: What’s your favorite Her Campus memory, and how has being a member of our chapter been a rewarding experience for you?

HK: Going to college fashion week for the first time with my girl gang!! We all had a great time going around each station and it was a great opportunity to put more effort into my look that night.


HCM: When you’re not busy being a #HerCampusCollegiette, how do you enjoy your time off? 

HK: I have my own blog that I’ve been working on! Hopefully, I can get to writing and developing more during winter break. I’m also really into music. I’ve been playing since high school and used to play trumpet and piano – it’s been a constant in my life :). I love discovering new music any time that I can… even when I go back to listening to the same album for 3 months straight.


Harmeen’s talents in the arts and business set her apart as a leader. These skills coupled with her eagerness to drive the success of our chapter make her a great team player. Working alongside Harmeen is always a positive experience because she is so down to earth. For this reason, I am confident that she will achieve her goals while serving as a source of inspiration to those around her. I’m excited to see how Harmeen will continue to help our chapter thrive in the upcoming months of the school year! 

Christina Giordano is a Sophomore at Montclair State University, majoring in English and Communications. She is the Co-Events Director at Her Campus Montclair and has a passion for writing and media. She has an affinity for anything with glitter on it and thoroughly enjoys a good shopping trip.