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Halloween Costumes I Better See this Year

Hailey Mayewski

Halloween 2022 is just around the corner and I’m so excited to see what everyone dresses up as. Here are a few costumes that I personally hope to see this year on the 31st: 

  1. Modern Day Disney Princess:

I know, lots of girls were already Disney princesses for Halloween at some point in our lives, however, dressing up as your favorite princess with a modern day twist is so much fun. You can do this costume solo, or get a group of friends and you all can pick a different princess. 

Here are some items I would choose to dress up as modern day Belle: 

A ruffled yellow top

A ruffled yellow skirt

A rose necklace  

  1. Max from “Stranger Things” Season Four:

In my opinion, “Stranger Things” and Halloween go hand-in-hand. The spooky vibes from the show match the energy of the holiday perfectly. Not only was Max a critical character this season, but her outfit and props depict so much from season five and the 80s as a whole. 

What you’ll need:

Undershirt and light blue windbreaker 

Dark wash jeans

Red high top Vans


Over ear headphones  

Optional: Fake blood to drip from eyes 

  1. Wanda Maximoff from “WandVision” Episode Six (Halloween episode): 

Feel free to portray Wanda in any of her on-screen costumes. However, I personally prefer her “Halloween” costume. It fits the theme and closely resembles her original suit in the comics. If you want to feel like a powerful girlboss, this costume is for you. 

What you’ll need: 

Red bodysuit

Pink tights 

Red gloves

Red boots

Red Cape 

Head piece 

-Optional: Super Powers ( Not sure where to buy those;) )

  1. Harry Styles:

Harry is known for his eccentric style choices. While I would personally love to dress up in all of his outfits, I think the outfit from the “Fine Line” album cover works as a fantastic Halloween costume. Any fan of his will be able to tell who you are in an instant. 

What you’ll need:

Pink top

White wide leg pants 

Black shoes

Pink suspenders 

  1. Rosie The Riveter:

In today’s social climate, it’s important that us girls stick together. Rosie symbolizes strength and girl power, and I would love to see lots of girls dress up as this iconic female character this year especially.  

What you’ll need:

Denim button down shirt

Denim jeans 

-Red bandana 

-Black boots

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