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Guys Talk: An Advice Column For The Girls of MSU From The Guys of MSU

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wish you could get an honest opinion from a male point of view? You could ask your friends, your siblings, the internet, hell-even your parents – scratch that, don’t do that – if you get desperate enough. Or you could ask me. Hi, I’m Kyle and I’m here to introduce a new column for Her Campus Montclair titled: Guys Talk. This is a place where you can submit any questions you’d like and I, along with some other guys from MSU, will answer them for you to the best of our male-oriented ability.

The goal of Guys Talk is simple: to provide an honest male perspective on common (or uncommon) female questions concerning the opposite gender, the same gender, dating, relationships, life, fashion, politics, the world – any topic, any question you have, we’ll answer.

You can submit your questions anonymously or leave your initials; either way you choose, you can submit your questions here.

Every month, we will collect all of your questions, answer them and create an article aimed at informing and breaking down the barrier between the sexes at Montclair State.

So, do YOU have any questions?

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Kyle Coan


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