#Girlboss — All About Arielle Charnas & Why You Should Be Following Her

Fashion influencer, blogger, wife, mom of two, clothing line owner: Arielle Noa Charnas (@ariellecharnas) is someone who any fashion lover should be following. Her original Instagram username @somethingnavy was created as a blog for pics of her cute outfits to make her ex jealous (the original thank u, next.) This turned into an extremely successful fashion and lifestyle page with over a million followers. Her old username turned into her own brand at Nordstrom and the launch of Something Navy has become the largest launch in Nordstrom’s history.

Charnas began her journey in 2009 when she started a blog to show off her cutest outfits to impress her boyfriend. That relationship didn’t last long and Charnas ended up continuing blogging her cutest outfits to show off to her ex in hopes of making him jealous and show him what he was missing. In 2011 Charnas joined Instagram to continue posting her cutest outfits, having no idea what this platform would turn into for her.

Nearly seven years later, after getting married, adopting a dog and having two daughters, Charnas was able to collaborate with Nordstrom to create Something Navy: the brand. Within the first 24 hours of launching, the brand made over $1 million. Charnas didn’t have to rely on advertisers to help make her brand successful, instead she used the trust she created between her and her followers and their opinions to create a brand she knew they would love.

The 32-year-old posts her outfits daily, asking for opinions from her followers on what she should wear, buy, sell, donate, etc. As a fashion influencer, she inspires her followers with outfit ideas, trend alerts and inspirational photos. She has a very open relationship with her followers and always talks about how she is feeling that day, while also offering advice to her followers whether they are asking for fashion, relationship or parenting advice.

Her page features not only Gossip Girl worthy outfits on the streets of New York, but pictures of her two daughters, husband and her dog. It is not just for fashion lovers, but for anyone who likes to have a look into others lives, especially hers since she lives in Manhattan, vacations in the Hamptons and has a closet that is to die for! She is living all our dreams while still remaining sweet and humble.

Her success has landed her appearances in magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan and even on the cover of Mini Magazine. She’s also collaborated with other very well-known brands like Kate Spade and TreSemme.

Arielle Charnas is the ultimate girl boss and someone we can all take inspiration from!