Get Witchy: My Salem Travel Diaries!

On October 21st, my three best friends and I hopped in a car and drove four-and-a-half hours to Salem, Massachusetts - one of the witchiest places in the world. There were SO many awesome things to do and see, especially because we planned our trip around Halloween. Whether you are more into the historical aspects of the Salem witch trials or just love Halloween, this is the perfect autumn weekend getaway! 

Here are some of the highlights of our trip!

The Witch Village

The Witch Village is a small street with two haunted houses, the Salem Wax Museum, the oldest cemetery in Salem, a small studio where you can attend a live spell casting class with a practicing witch and a bunch of food carts with your favorite fall snacks. First, we hit the Salem Wax Museum. Though small, it was a great way to see what the people associated with the witch trials would have looked like and read up on how they were involved and what it was like. Next, we explored The Burying Point, Salem’s oldest cemetery, and it was an amazing experience. We walked all around the grounds where Mayflower passenger Capt. Richard More, Justice John Hathorn of the witchcraft court and so many others were laid to rest over 300 years ago. Finally, we attended “Within the Witching Hour - Live Spell Casting.” We were brought into a small room where a lighted circle made of small stones was front and center. The woman in charge of the seminar, a practicing witch, was standing in the center. Once we were all seated, she introduced herself and the spell casting began. Being someone who had never seen or experienced modern-day witchcraft, it was extremely captivating.

The Coven’s Cottage

This has got to be the coolest shop I have ever been to in my life. Phone use and photography was prohibited inside, but I did manage to get a picture of the front! This shop was filled with herbs, crystals, art, incense and some of the coolest jewelry. The minute I walked in, the calming and mystical music playing caught my attention alongside the dried herbs and flowers hanging from the ceiling. There were feathers, cauldrons, flowers, eucalyptus and lavender, journals, pendulums and everything witchy you could ever want. I fell in love with this space! We went back several times throughout the weekend because it was just THAT cool. They have a website too, so definitely check them out!

The Witch House

The only standing structure in Salem with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692 is The Witch House - the house of Judge Jonathan Corwin. Today, you can walk through this house, decorated as a 17th century home would have been, for a self-guided tour and read all about the history of this house and the man who lived there. To be inside a house as old as that one was surreal. The floors creak, the wooden beams inside are warped and the fireplaces are beautiful. I would definitely recommend taking a look inside this historic building!   

Gulu-Gulu Cafe

This witchy cafe doubled as a bar and it was super cool! They had live music when we got there and it was such a calm and modern scene. There were purple string lights hanging all around, and each little table was candle-lit. I ordered a blackberry pear cider (festive and delicious!) and my friends both ordered strawberry beer. It was the perfect place to go for a more calm night, while still being out and having fun!  

There were SO many more shops that we went into (we spent almost ALL weekend shopping!) that aren’t mentioned above, but that's only because I just can’t remember them all!

Salem is loaded with metaphysical shops of all kinds, bookstores, psychics, tarot card readers and more. In all, Salem was one of the coolest places I have ever been to my life and a must-stop around Halloween. People dress up every single day, so it's like a scene straight out of Halloweentown! What more could you ask for? I think it's safe to say, this won't be my last time in Salem!