Get to Know: Shantise Conway!

Name: Shantise Conway

Age: 23 (Soon to be 24!)

Major/Minor: English

Year: 2017

Hometown: Rahway, NJ

HCM: Why did you decide to attend Montclair State?

SC: I had actually never heard of this school when I was in high school but during my county college days, I had a tour here and I fell in love with the campus!


HCM: What inspired you to become an English major with a focus in Education?

SC: My first grade teacher, Mrs. G, inspired me to become a teacher. She would let me be her “little helper.” She recommended that this one boy in my class sit next to me every class because I was great at helping him with our work. I loved the responsibility and feeling in charge.


HCM: Being that you're not only studying but have started substituting as well, what has been the most important thing you've learned so far that you already see yourself incorporating into your future classroom?

SC: I’ve learned to have patience. Working with younger kids, along with those in special education, I’ve come to learn that everyone works at their own pace and you have to work alongside them. It takes time to understand things. The best part about having patience in helping kids learn is seeing how they react. I love seeing the smile on these children’s faces after I’ve helped them.


HCM: Do you have a favorite class that you’ve taken?

SC: I have a couple: FCST 214, Black Women’s Writers, READ 200 and Pursuits of English.


HCM: What has been your favorite part about college so far?

SC: My favorite part about college has been meeting new people who have the same passion that I have. Also, being able to work with children and discuss it in my classes is a plus too.




Favorite song(s)? – I Miss Music – Monica

Words/Quote you live by? – “If you want it, go get it.”

Favorite movie(s)? – Annie

Favorite book(s)? Wild Wild Hair. It beings back great memories of my grandmother.

Favorite food(s)? – Steak, Corn, Rice and Shrimp.

Top three countries you would visit? ­– I would love to go back to Europe, Germany and France to be exact! As for a third one, I’d have to say Jamaica.

Celebrity crush(es)? – T.I. and Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars

Favorite season? – Spring

Pet Peeve? – Hearing people chew!!!

Fun Fact? – I’m very sensitive, but no one believes that! LOL


HCM: What motivates you?

SC: My siblings.


HCM: Who inspires you?

SC: My father as well as my sister.


HCM: Do you have any role models?

SC: My brother is my role model.


HCM: What is one thing you wish people knew about you?

SC: That I have a hard time expressing myself even though I love to talk.


HCM: Okay, you're having a dinner party and can only have five people come: who do you want there and why?

SC: I’d have a bunch of friends – Rajahn, Nyeisha, Marvin, Kawana and Asmir. I would invite Nyeisha because she goes everywhere I go, Asmir because he would have me laughing all night, Rajahn and Marvin because they are my right hand men and Kawana because she is always down for anything.


HCM: To wrap things up, what’s one piece of advice you have for our

Montclair collegiette's, especially our freshman starting college this


SC: One piece of advice I have is to take your time and relax. But TRY to always be one step ahead of the game!