Get To Know: Lauren Wisnewski!

Lauren Wisnewski is a junior Graphic Design major at Montclair State, but she does so much more than just that. Along with being a full-time student, she is a photographer and visual artist that is constantly creating and exploring different forms. Her work is dreamy, surreal and emotional while playing on the effects of light, color, and my personal favorite, mixed media. Her Campus Montclair caught up with her to find out when she started, just what inspires her to create and what she loves most about being able to share her work with the world in this way.

HCM:  When did you start creating, in any form?

LW: The earliest I can remember creating things was in preschool; I had an obsession with horses at the time and would frequently draw them throughout elementary school. It's funny, I remember I used to look at horse anatomy books and visit local farms so I could painstakingly draw horses and try to get the proportions right.


HCM: What is your preferred art form to create?

LW: My preferred art form would have to be photography. I have used many different mediums over the years, but I tend to always find my way back to photography. It's therapeutic and comfortable for me, and I think the instant gratification of photography draws me to it because I always have a lot of ideas.


HCM: Where or what do you draw inspiration from?

LW: I mainly draw inspiration from constantly being perplexed and confused about human interactions. I don't think I will ever fully grasp what it means to be human, which means I have endless ideas to express as I slowly come to new realizations about my subjective reality. People are so different in terms of self-actualization, the way they see and treat others, and the way they see their environment. It's fascinating and frustrating all at the same time; although the questions I ask can never be tangibly solved, I think I'll keep asking them.


HCM: How have you evolved as an artist since you’ve started?

LW: I think my art has become more nuanced and sophisticated, although I still feel like I have a long way to go in terms of sophistication. I used to be more sporadic and less intentional with my work, and I feel as though the direction of my growth has become more defined with each passing year. It is never the same direction, but I'm definitely less lost and feel like I have more of an understanding of why I have the urge to create and how to channel it efficiently. I guess, to sum it up, I have become more self-aware.


HCM: What do you enjoy most about art?

LW: Being able to create something tangible is extremely cathartic for me. Whenever I feel like there is too much going on in my head, I always turn to some form of art to help me rationalize things and feel calm again. Art helps me point to something and say "There, that's what I felt, that's why I felt it, and this is who I am now." I'm constantly learning and changing, and I like being able to document it all.


HCM: What are your plans/goals postgrad?

LW: That's tough! I don't think I have a specific idea of what I want to do just because I have so many interests. My plans postgrad would be to find a solid graphic design job while doing freelance photography on the side, and an eventual goal would be to somehow incorporate photography into my professional life along with graphic design and other artistic pursuits.

To see more of Lauren’s work, you can find her on Instagram at @lauren_wisnewski !

*All photos courtesy of Lauren Wisnewski