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Lynese Salmon
Sex + Relationships

Full-time Jobs & Relationships

Needless to say, working full-time is already a hassle; now add on a fully committed relationship. One can struggle to disperse their attention evenly, trust me I know. Your head is so wrapped up and both of you feel like your relationship is becoming a job. Let me stop you right there because it shouldn’t be that way. As someone who happens to juggle multiple full-time and part-time jobs and is currently in a two-year-long relationship, hear how I manage both work and my relationship without making it feel like a task.


Gain A Mutual Understanding

Having a serious conversation about what both of you want and how you plan to achieve it is the first step in managing full-time jobs and being in a committed relationship. Your partner should be fully aware of the responsibilities you have and you should be aware of theirs. Given, there will be days where you two can’t speak for a long period of time because one or both of you are at work. Communicating that you will be occupied for a certain amount of hours and can’t look at your phone saves both of you the headache of explaining why you didn’t answer. As someone who is in a long-distance relationship, communicating plans of seeing each other is always a topic of discussion. Having that conversation set in place removes the stress of wondering when the next time you two will be together. It’s already hard enough to juggle work, so don’t make it harder by not communicating. 


Prioritizing Date Nights

Planning out even the smallest of date nights makes such a huge difference in your relationship. Whether it’s getting dressed up for dinner, late-night adventures, or movie nights at home. It doesn’t have to be something made for a Hallmark movie, it just has to be something that makes both of you happy. I find a few of my favorite at-home date night ideas on Pinterest. Making the time to enjoy each other’s company is essential to a long-lasting relationship. After working all day being able to relax with your significant other makes it all worth it.


I’m no expert in relationships but I do know what works for me. Over the past two years, these methods have helped my relationship progress in so many ways. With both me and my partner working full-time while being in school and being long-distance we had a lot of organizing to do, but we found ways to do so without it feeling like another job. Figuring out what works best for you and your partner doesn’t have to be difficult. Do what you gotta do to make it work, and your relationship will thank you later.

Lynese Salmon is a Senior majoring in Communications and Media Arts. Hoping to pursue a career in social media strategics and/or to land an editorial/writing position for an online publication. Her list of hobbies are endless since she takes interest in so many things. Lynese adores the arts, whether it's visual, performing, digital, etc. She is an outgoing individual with a willingness to learn. Lynese believes the possibilities are endless for everyone so why should you limit yourself. Loves to meet new people and learn more about different identities. Lynese is an open book so she's pretty approachable. All in all, Lynese is a creative personality that likes to think outside the box.
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