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Five YouTubers You Should be Watching

Over one billion. That’s how many active users YouTube has. But only a portion of those actually post a variety of videos. An even smaller amount have become so popular that they’re now a staple of mainstream pop culture. While we will never stop laughing at the antics of Jenna Marbles or the creative comedic ways of Ryan Higa, here are five additional YouTubers you should really be keeping an eye on.

ElleOfTheMills (Elle Mills)

Whether you know it or not, you have likely watched an Elle Mills video recently. She is the genius behind the mash-up movie trailers you may have seen trending around twitter. She’s already captured the attention of huge media outlets such as MTV News and Entertainment Weekly. With creative ideas and killer editing skills, this up and coming YouTuber (having only 17,000 subscribers) needs to be added to your list.

Standout Video: The first of her “editing challenges” (as she calls them) turned the Netflix megahit, “Stranger Things” from a sci-fi thriller into a heartfelt romantic comedy.

Tessa Netting

Tessa is very likely the biggest fangirl you will find on the Internet and each one of her videos in some way prove that. Her optimism and happiness is something that stands out in her videos where she speaks on all things fandoms and frequently collaborates with other YouTubers. The actress (she can also be seen as Hazel in the Disney Channel series Bunk’d) is also an advocate for Lumos, a charity organization founded by J.K Rowling to end the institutionalization of children worldwide.

Standout Video: Every year, Tessa takes what happened, combines it with one of the biggest songs of the year, and creates an all-encompassing recap. Back in December, she delivered the ups and downs of 2016 to a song from one of the biggest Broadway shows of our time.

WhatsUpMoms (Elle Walker, Meg Resnikoff, and Brooke Mahan)

After Britney Spears tweeted their “mom version” parody of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, I became a fan of these three L.A. mothers who give a new meaning to the term “stay-at-home-mom.” Their channel consists of how-tos and hacks videos meant to make motherhood as easy as possible. Most content, however, can be indulged by a much younger, non-parental audience as is constantly stated by viewers in many of their videos’ comments. This trio who have eight adorable children between them are made up of crafty, DIY lover Brooke, kitchen savvy Meg, and kid-friendly activity master Elle.

Standout Video: In one of their many parodies, audiences get to see just how comedic and creative the moms can get. Britney can’t be wrong about sharing it, can she?

Austin Jones

This Chicago-based artist performs covers of alternative pop and rock songs, which led him to go on a nationwide tour in early 2016. But some particular attention should be given to his completely acapella renditions of some popular rock hits. The time and dedication given to making these unique covers is insane, and it certainly shows.

Standout Video: A nostalgic throwback to one of the greatest songs from the mid-2000’s showcases Austin Jones’ immense talent.

The Hillywood Show (Hillary “Hilly” and Hannah Hindi)

On YouTube for over ten years, this sister act produce parodies of popular movies and televisions shows and there is no limit to how much they are willing to get in character. What’s most amazing is how much they are able to accurately depict their inspirations with their costumes, makeup, props, and set. With professional camerawork and attention to detail, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be a part of Hillywood’s fanbase.

Standout Video: It’s hard to choose since they’re all impressive, but their “Sherlock Parody”, inspired by the BBC crime drama, is their latest masterpiece. (And no, that’s not Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.)

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