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Five Low Budget Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

By Hailey Mayewski

Contributing Writer

Flowers, chocolates and extravagant dinners add up. A tight budget can put a damper on traditional plans for Feb. 14. Get back to the real meaning of the holiday with these “lovely” cost efficient date ideas. 

At Home Sip and Paint: 

Going to traditional classes can get expensive. For this date, all you need is some art supplies, an instructional YouTube video and a beverage of your choice. This can be super fun and cost efficient for you and your lover. 

Movie/Show Marathon: 

For this date, pick a series you have both been meaning to watch, and then binge it. You can also get each other’s favorite snacks to enjoy as you bond over the entertainment of your choice. This date is super customizable. Make it special by watching something brand new or even trying a snack for the first time. 

“Window” Shop for Your Future Home: 

One thing my boyfriend and I love to do is walk around IKEA and use it as inspo for what we would want our future home to look like. It costs nothing and is super sweet to plan our future together. I know, walking around a store doesn’t sound too romantic, but I promise it can be adorable to design an imaginary home with the person you love. 

Cook/Bake Something From Scratch: 

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, but nothing is more bonding than working together to make something. You can either follow a recipe, or get creative. I love this idea because the possibilities are endless. 

Nostalgic Video Game Night: 

Break out that Wii Fit and D.S. to have a fun “throwback” night with your S.O. (signficant other). Playing nostalgic games makes you feel like a little kid again. It’s so fun to get to relive things from your childhood with your adult partner. 

While these dates are intended for romantic partners, anyone can take part in these dates. Feel free to do these with anyone you love like friends, family and even yourself. After all, Valentine’s Day is about love, no matter who it is.

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